Fully Rugged

Dell Latitude E6400 XFR Fully Rugged Laptop with Ballistic Armor Details Buy Now

Dell Latitude E6400 XFR Fully Rugged Laptop with Ballistic Armor Details

Real World Rugged
Built tough for tough environments, Latitude E6400 XFR was designed and engineered for the challenges you face every workday.
  • Dell's exclusive Ballistic Armor™ Protection System enables excellent protection and a higher drop specification than any computer in its class (up to 4ft).
  • The QuadCool™ Thermal Management System allows the XFR to operate in temperature extremes with uncompromising performance.
  • The PrimoSeal™ technology has the highest combined level of dust and water resistance (IP65) of any other fully-rugged notebook.

Did you know...

The LT1000 lets you use your laptop to monitor your drain inspections. With the included SeeSnake HQ software, your recording and delivery capabilities are as powerful as your laptop.

Visit www.ridgidforum.com/LT1000 to learn more.

LT1000 Laptop Interface System


Dell Latitude E6400 ATG - LaptopBuy Now

Dell Latitude E6400 ATG - Laptop

Flexible and Tough
Designed to work anywhere you need it, the Dell Latitude E6410 ATG is built for durability and usability.
  • High-durability textured paint for additional protection from physical wear and spill-resistant input surface offers protection in a variety of field environments.
  • Fast response free-fall sensor on the motherboard along with a Dell Strike Zone™ shock absorber protects system against drops.


Dell Latitude E6400 - LaptopBuy Now

Dell Latitude E6400 - Laptop

All-Day Mobile Computing
The Latitude E6400 is thoughtfully designed not just for looks, but to survive a long day on the job.
  • With premium magnesium alloy construction, longer - lasting paint finishes, and robust metal hinges, the Latitude E6410 is more durable than ever.
  • Long, reliable battery life that can last as long as your work day.

Semi-Rugged Tablet

Latitude XT2 XFRBuy Now

Latitude XT2 XFR

Field-Ready Multi-Touch Tablet PC
The industry's smallest 12.1-inch rugged convertible table PC designed for high performance in harsh environments.
  • The innovative multi-touch screen lets you work whichever way the job demands and its 12.1" wide-aspect outdoor-viewable screen can keep you productive in the field.
  • Ideal for field-service and industrial manufacturing workforces who need rugged systems that can withstand challenging conditions, including drops of up to 3 feet.
  • Quick conversion from a thin and easy-to-carry tablet PC to traditional laptop with a full-size keyboard.


SeeSnake HQ and RIDGIDConnect The entire line of PCs will come with the following installed:
  • SeeSnake HQ
  • 6 Month Subscription to RIDGIDConnect
  • RIDGID Electronic Resources
  • Additional RIDGID Add-ons

Model Latitude E6400 XFR Latitude XT2 XFR Latitude E6410 ATG Latitude E6410
Processor Intel Core 2 Due P8700
 with VT (2.53GHZ)
Intel Core 2 Duo SU9600
w/VT (1.6GHz)
Intel Core i5-520M
2.4 GHz
Intel Core i5-520M
2.4 GHz
Operating System Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional
Display 14.1" WXGA LED Display
with Built In Camera
12/1" WXGA DLV
14.1 Outdoor Viewable
Memory 2GB DDR2-800 2GB DDR3 3GB DDR3-1066 3GB DDR3-1600
Primary Storage 120GB Shock Mounted
Hard Drive
64GB Solid State Drive 250GB Hard Drive 250GB Hard Drive
Optical Devices 8x DVD Burner 8x DVD Burner 8x DVD Burner 8x DVD Burner
Connectivity 802.11 a/g/n Wireless 802.11 a/g/n Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Wireless
Multimedia Bluetooth Bluetooth,
Multi Touch Capable
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Width 13.9"/353.06mm 12.1"/308mm 13.4"/341mm 13.2"/335mm
Depth 10.1-11.5"/256.54-291.1mm 9.4"/239mm 9.59"/245.8mm 9.4"/238.3mm
Height 2.2"/55.88mm 1.5"/39mm 1.29-1.45"/33-39.5mm 1-1.2"/25.4-31.2mm
Weight 8.5lbs/3.86kg 5.4lbs/2.45kg 5.49lbs/2.49kg 4.26lbs/1.93kg