MegaPress® Jaws & Rings

MegaPress® Jaws & Rings

MegaPress Jaws & Rings join ½" to 2" commercially-available Sch. 5 to 40 Black Iron Pipe when used with RIDGID Standard Press Tools (RP 330-B, RP 330-C, 320-E & CT400) and Viega® MegaPress fittings.

Key features

  • Capacity: ½" to 2"
  • Designed in conjunction with the MegaPress System fittings, ensuring total system compatibility.
  • Compatible Only with RIDGID Standard Series pressing tools(RP 340, RP 330-B, RP 330-C, 320-E & CT400).
  • Press connections can be made on "wet" systems. No open flame required.
  • Backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

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