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Press Snap™ Soil Pipe Cutter

The Press Snap™ Soil Pipe Cutter expands the capabilities of RIDGID standard press tools by providing a fast and easy way to cut cast iron soil pipe. Without lengthy lever arms used by traditional soil pipe cutters, improved access is a snap.

The Press Snap cutter works with all RIDGID standard press tools to cut most 1½" to 4" soil pipe in seconds. Simply connect the Press Snap cutter to a RIDGID press tool, wrap the chain around the pipe, and press. No manual ratcheting or additional tools are required. Cutting soil pipe has never been so easy!

Key features

  • Cuts 1 ½" to 4" no hub & service weight soil pipe.
  • Compatible Only with RIDGID Standard Series pressing tools (RP 340, RP 330-B, RP 330-C, 320-E & CT400).
  • No lengthy lever arms.
  • Eliminates the need to score the pipe.
  • Completes the cut in seconds.

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