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How To Become a Preferred Online Vendor


  1. Vendor must be a distributor of the Ridge Tool Company in good standing.
  2. Vendor's website must meet acceptable levels of professional appearance and function as determined by the Ridge Tool Company.
  3. Vendor must offer enough of the RIDGID product line for online sale to meet a reasonable expectation that the customer will be able to buy the item they are seeking.
  4. Vendor will identify RIDGID products in a way that will allow customers to identify them as belonging to the RIDGID family of products. Use of the RIDGID catalog number is preferred.
  5. Vendor will provide the Ridge Tool Company with a company logo to be used as a link to the vendor’s website. The logo must meet the following requirements:
    • Acceptable File Types: .png, .gif, .jpg, .eps, .psd, .ai
    • Dimensions: Minimum width or height of 500px; landscape orientation preferred
    • Resolution: Anything 72dpi or above is acceptable
    • Transparent or white background
    • No tagline or anything other than the logo itself
    • Simple, professional
  6. Vendor must have a dedicated RIDGID landing page. This page will be the first page shown when the vendor’s logo on the website is clicked. The dedicated landing page must meet the following requirements:
    • • Use a stylized RIDGID logo towards the top of the required landing page. The page must be easily identified as a page dedicated to RIDGID products. If using the RIDGID logo with tagline, "RIDGID | We Build Reputations", must be used. Click on this link to see the acceptable logo versions.
    • When using RIDGID in text, all letters must be capitalized
    • The RIDGID landing page should contain no advertisements for other product lines, or general advertising banners
  7. Vendor's website will have a search engine or alternative means for customers to locate RIDGID products. In some cases, item (4) may meet this qualification.
  8. Vendors will advertise prices that are not less than 12% below Suggested Resale Prices.

If you feel that your website qualifies for this program, please email us at [email protected].