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  • Bending Tools

    Trustworthy bending tools to accurately bend pipe for utility or plumbing projects.

  • Tubing Cutters

    Ergonomically produce consistent, precise, clean cuts faster than using a hacksaw.

  • Power Tubing Cutters

  • Straight Pipe Wrenches

    RIDGID straight pipe wrenches have a sturdy housing and I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw, featuring self cleaning threads with replaceable hook and heel jaws.

  • Flaring Tools

    Flare steel, stainless steel, hard copper, soft copper,brass, aluminum and mild steel tubing with precision and without galling.

  • Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrenches

    The RIDGID® Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrenches are used for Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical and Environmental Core Drilling and Soil Sampling.

  • Plastic Pipe Cutters

    RIDGID Plastic Pipe Cutters provides the hassle-free ability to execute a clean, fast, and straight cut on plastic tubing.

  • Copper Cleaning Brushes

    Tube O.D. cleaning and fitting I.D. brush into one hand tool.

  • Pipe Freezers

    No need to drain water lines, sprinkler systems, or hot water systems before cutting pipe or tubing. Freeze all types of liquid in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, and plastic pipes.

  • Copper Cutting Prep Machines

    Designed to cut, clean, ream and deburr copper and stainless steel tubing and fittings quickly and professionally.

  • Pipe Thawers

    RIDGID Pipe Thawers provide continuous heating for fast thawing of frozen metal pipes. With these lightweight and versatile units, there is no need to dig or tear apart walls. Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed within minutes.

  • RapidGrip® Wrenches

    RapidGrip. Quick one-handed operation makes your jobs move faster. The spring-loaded jaw design provides rapid action. Unique combination heel/hook jaw.

  • Tube Expanders

    RIDGID Tube Expanders are designed to expand tubing for fast, accurate joints in soft copper, aluminum and soft steel tube without using fittings.

  • Copper Cleaning Machine Accessories

  • End Pipe Wrenches

    End Pipe Wrenches provide a faster, easier way to grip pipe in tight spaces. Ideal for pipe work close to a wall, in tight quarters or in closely spaced parallel lines.

  • Pressure Test Pump

    RIDGID Pressure Test Pumps check for leaks in installations which are required to be leak proof.

  • Swaging Tools

    RIDGID® Swaging Tools are designed for copper, aluminum and brass tubing. They are quality-made and zinc-plated for accuracy and durability.

  • Raprench® Wrench

    Raprench® Wrench. A deep and broad jaw housing provides smooth, flat surface ideal for occasional use as a hammer. Easy spin nonstick adjustment nut. Instant grip/release. Deep broad hook jaw housing. Heat-treated replaceable jaw.

  • Reamers, Deburring Tools

    Quick, clean and easy pipe preparation can be done using RIDGID's reamers and deburring tools.

  • Soldering Guns

    RIDGID® electrical soldering guns give the operator the benefit of versatility and safe operation.

  • Offset Pipe Wrenches

    RIDGID offset pipe wrenches feature a jaw opening parallel to the handle and a narrower hook jaw head. Offset wrenches provide easy entry into tight spots

  • Hex Wrenches

    Hex jaw design gives multi-sided, secure grip on all hex nuts, square nuts, unions and valve packing nuts.

  • Spud Wrench

    Count on the reliable RIDGID spud wrench to fit into tight places and conquer the toughest plumbing jobs.

  • Chain Wrenches

    RIDGID Chain Wrenches have a double jaw that gives fast, ratchet- like action in either direction.

  • Compound Leverage Wrenches

    Compound Leverage Wrenches. Multiplies the turning force applied to a pipe. Ideal for freeing locked couplings and joints frozen by age or or damage.

  • Chain Tongs

    RIDGID Chain Tongs are designed and sized to provide extra leverage for the toughest jobs.

  • Strap Wrenches

    Strap Wrenches have a polyurethane-coated strap that is good for use on polished pipe.

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Adjustable Wrenches are easily adjustable for a tight jaw fit. Its hex jaw design helps reduce slippage and tightly grips the bolt for solid, secure operation, while the corrosion-resistant chrome finish helps prevent rusting.

  • Specific Purpose Wrenches

    Specialized wrenches for specific purposes like installing faucets.

  • Wrench Parts

    Find the parts you need to repair your RIDGID wrenches.