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  • Hole Cutting Tools

    RIDGID hole cutting tools have become more cost effective, while delivering maximum cutting performance.

  • Pipe Beveling

    The B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveler produces high quality bevels in 45 seconds* without flames or sparks. The compact design quickly mounts to pipe 4” and up with a maximum wall thickness of 1/2”, and creates consistent bevels in a single pass.

  • Pipe Cutting Saw

    Cut pipe fast and efficiently with the RIDGID PipeSaw. From the fab shop to the field, this tool delivers quality cuts on 1” – 12” pipes.

  • Reamers, Extractors & Taps

    Quickly and easily get to the pipes in hard to reach places.

  • 4-Wheel Pipe Cutters

    RIDGID 4-Wheel pipe cutters provide fast, clean and consistent pipe cutting when a complete turn is not possible.

  • Pipe Vises

  • Power Threading Machines

    RIDGID Power Threaders provide the durability and reliability you need when fabricating pipe.

  • Saws

    Produces clean, virtually burr-free cuts on steel, copper, aluminum and plastics.

  • Die Heads

    Use RIDGID Die Heads to create consistent and precision threads on pipe.

  • Hand-Held Power Drives

    Portable yet powerful, RIDGID hand-held power drives provide on demand pipe fabrication for the jobsite.

  • Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters

    RIDGID Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters make quick work of cutting pipes during installation or repair.

  • Pipe Stands

  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

    High quality blades for every application. Available in carbon, or bi metal consisting of a high-speed steel cutting edge welded to a flexible alloy steel back for wood or metal cutting. RIDGID® blades will fit in all reciprocating saws and are packed in plastic sleeves with five blades or 50 blades.

  • Roll Grooving

    The most efficient way to groove many pipe materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC and copper nickel.

  • Hinged Pipe Cutters

    Hinged pipe cutters designed for rapid cutting of 2"-12" steel, pipe, heavy-wall steel pipe and cast-iron pipe.

  • Manual Ratchet Threaders

    Manual Ratchet Threaders make it easy to create high quality threads on pipe ensuring a secure and lasting connection.

  • Soil Pipe Cutters

    Soil Pipe Cutters cut cast iron pipe quickly and easily in tight spaces.

  • Core Drill Bits

  • Manual Receding Threaders

  • Nipple Chucks / Adapters

    A quick and easy tool for holding short and close nipples or studs for threading.

  • Power Pipe Cutters

    Easily cut pipes for threading or grooving with minimal burr.

  • Wide-Roll Pipe Cutter

    Featuring extra-wide rolls, this cutter is especially designed for use with power drives to provide clean and accurate cuts.

  • Pipe Dies

    Make precise and consistent threads on a variety of pipe sizes using RIDGID pipe dies.

  • Tapping Tools

  • Threading Accessories

    Improve performance and properly maintain your threading machines and tools.

  • Hydraulic Benders

    Manual and electro-hydraulic benders for precision cold bending of standard gas pipes up to 4". Versatile, portable benders, ideal for on-site bending as well as machine construction, boiler making and industrial applications in general.