The fastest, easiest way to go digital.

With the RIDGID® microEXPLORER or micro CA-300 Digital Inspection Camera and the SeeSnake digital adaptor, you’ll immediately add digital image and video recording capabilities and a secondary playback screen to your existing drain inspection monitor.


  • Digital recording made easy. Simply connect the SeeSnake digital adaptor into a microEXPLORER or micro CA-300 Digital inspection camera and a SeeSnake monitor and start recording
  • Broad compatibility. Use the adaptor with any SeeSnake monitor with a video-out jack
  • Quick and easy operation. With just a push of the button you can take digital still images and video


Video* AVI (320 x 240)
Images* JPEG (320x240)
Audio** Yes
Connection Male RCA
Length 6' (1,8 m)
* Requires a microEXPLORER or CA-300 camera
** CA300 only