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Senior Software Engineer Opportunity

Our Values

Here at RIDGID we believe in an agile development methodology and constant team collaboration. Our teams are passionate about working together to solve challenging problems for our customers and our business. Our software is used by millions of customers worldwide; therefore, we value quality and agility so we can effectively bring new features to market. We encourage growth via challenging projects, team exercises, training, developer conferences, and other technical community involvement.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for creative team members who love to develop software. We want to work with people that make learning and teaching others a fundamental part of every day. We expect our senior engineers to be curious about how they can apply technology to make a meaningful impact to our customers.

In particular, we’re looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer who has experience with large-scale web applications, (RESTFul) web services, and data architecture. If you are an experienced geek who loves working in an agile environment and who enjoys web development, databases, and working with other engineers of various disciplines then you’ll be a great fit!

What is a Senior Software Engineer and Why Are We Hiring One?

Senior engineers at RIDGID take on the challenge of leading full-stack development across a healthy mix of customer-driven technology solutions. Each senior engineer on our team has a stand-out passion or two that they get to exercise on a regular basis. For some it is large-scale back-end web solutions and others it might be mobile development or machine learning. Senior engineers here are seldom given a directive on how to solve a problem. They are hired to be leaders and work with other leaders to design and deliver the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

As our tools continue to get “smarter” and more connected, the need for mobile applications and web services to support this kind of connectivity is increasing rapidly. The ecosystems of software that supports our website, CRM system, mobile applications, and our connected tools are all becoming more important than ever. We need senior engineers to join the team to help explore and keep up with the demand for new technology in this space.

We are looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer who can focus and help take the lead on building out our RIDGID Cloud infrastructure and services in conjunction with other software engineers and hardware/firmware engineers.

About the First Team You Will Join

New opportunities come along regularly within RIDGID Software Solutions, but the first one our new Senior Software Engineer will be a part of is our Connected Tools Team.

The team is responsible for our RIDGID Connect online business platform ( and the numerous clients and integration points related to that system.

More recently, the team has begun to build out our RIDGID Cloud web services in support of the next generation of connected tools. As new connected tools are launched, they are being integrated with our RIDGID Link mobile application and wired to our RIDGID Cloud via our REST API. The Connected Tools Team is wholly responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of that API. The team works closely with our Mobile Development Team, Product Engineering, User Experience Designer, and other cross-functional team members to build out systems that meet the needs of our demanding customers as well as our other internal stakeholders.

Our Connected Tools Team is based at our corporate headquarters in Elyria, Ohio. Members of the cross-functional team include several developers, a mobile development team, a UX Designer, product engineering, and numerous Product Owners / customer representatives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Expands the RIDGID Cloud services and infrastructure and services to support a growing number of connected tools, mobile applications, and back-end systems
  • Participates in all aspects of the development process including design, development, testing (or better yet – TDD!), code reviews, deployments, etc.
  • Investigates and implements new technologies where appropriate
  • Works with firmware and hardware engineers to help define wireless connectivity protocols (e.g. for BLE) to connect tools to apps and the RIDGID Cloud
  • Enhance the online experience of our customers through the development of snazzy web applications
  • Works with and mentors other developers

Minimum Requirements

  • Expertise in ASP.NET web development (including HTML, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Experience designing REST APIs following industry best practices
  • Experience with relational databases

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with agile software development
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • ORM tools like Entity Framework or LLBLGen Pro
  • OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 experience
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JQuery and other JavaScript frameworks
  • NoSQL databases
  • All things IoT (Firmware, Sensors, Apps, Communications Protocols, 3rd Party Integrations..)
  • Network Infrastructure, Security, Identity Management

Perks and Benefits

  • Matching 401k
  • Holiday Bonus
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • RIDGID tool loaner program
  • On-site fitness center
  • Short/Long Term Disability
  • Work-sponsored attendance to conferences like Codemash and StirTrek
  • Board gaming sessions
  • Access to Pluralsight for online training
  • Lots of autonomy and trust!

A Little More About RIDGID

RIDGID® ( is a business unit of Emerson (, a Fortune 500 company that supplies engineered solutions around the globe. We sell RIDGID branded tools, services and software in over 140 countries to meet the high expectations of expert tradespeople who install, operate, diagnose and maintain the world’s infrastructure. We have a dynamic, collaborative, growth-oriented culture that creates solutions tailored to address specific needs of these demanding customers.

How To Apply

Just send your resume to [email protected] and indicate that you are interested in the Senior Software Engineer position.