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Core Drill Bits

Core Drill Bits

All RIDGID® segmented diamond drill bits are laser welded for superior strength. They are three times stronger than conventional brazed bits. RIDGID core bits are available in 2 styles: Premium Red and High Speed Premium Red. Premium Red core bits are heavy-duty, multi-purpose bits for drilling in many types of materials including reinforced concrete, cinder block, stone, etc. High Speed Premium Red core bits are designed for high speed drilling. Unique diamond segment design can increase drilling speed as much as 30% over conventional bits.

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Ordering Information

High Speed Premium Red
Catalog Number Bit Diameter Weight
in. mm lb. kg
51517 6,00 
Bit Extension Rods and Adapters
Catalog Number Length Fits Bit Size Thread Weight
in. mm in. mm in. mm lb. kg
98710 12  1 3/4  1 1/4 - 7  6 1/4