Get the Best Performance Out of Your Machine with the new FlexShaft K9-12

December 22, 2023
RIDGID offers a diverse range of high-quality and durable residential and professional Drain Cleaning equipment to tackle annoying blockages and obstructions on pipes. The latest addition that can provide optimum performance on your drain cleaning is the FlexShaft K9-12 Drain Cleaning Machine.

The much-talked-about drain cleaning machine is said to help service contractors and household users with better-quality work. It is an impressive tool that efficiently delivers wall-to-wall cleaning from 1 1/4 to 2 inches with cable lengths up to 30 feet. It has a chain knocker that expands to the pipe inside diameter to break up grease, sludge, small tree roots, and other soft blockages.

But what differs it from the rest, this FlexShaft K9-12 Machine has a built-in clutch design that extends its cable life. Also, using this advantage, it can automatically stop the cable from bouncing around if the chain suddenly stops rotating while the cable is being rotated by the drill. This allows for safer and more efficient clean-up of pipelines.

It also has a cable that spins inside a durable nylon sheath that is housed within a fully contained drum. With the sheath, the cables do not come out as dirty, so it allows for the cable to be easily wiped clean as it is pulled from the line. Apart from that, it is handy and can be carried easily with its lightweight and compact design.

With its durability and performance, this ensures to be dependable to pay off your investment.

Indeed, FlexShaft™ is a perfect complement to the industry’s most competitive line of professional drain cleaning tools which is why it is the product most contractors and even homeowners trusted.

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