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RIDGID Online Trainings on multiple devices

RIDGID Online Trainings

Join RIDGID Online Trainings, a series of live webinars led by subject matter experts. Learn how you can use RIDGID tools to enhance productivity in your organization in proper and safe manner. In each webinar, see product demonstrations, slide presentations as well as relevant applications of the tools.

Our mission is to build for the world’s expert tradespeople, that’s why our online trainings are available to help you build up your knowledge and get maximum productivity and service life from our products.

RIDGID Online Trainings with Trainees
Staying on the safe side with First-Hand Expertise!
Which tool should I use? Is it a perfect fit for my problem? How does it work? And how about safety?

Each problem has a solution, and RIDGID has made its mission to build tools that will help its tradespeople succeed in their work.

These webinar series aim to share product know-how allowing the information to reach everyone interested in RIDGID products. With a focus on safety, these series were carefully created to fit real-time problems with real-time applications.