Select the Right Brush for Ideal Performance of FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines

March 5, 2024

Best drain cleaning performance starts with knowing what brushes to use. See the overview of how each brush performs on every job. These brush accessories work also on FlexShaft's latest models such as K9-12, K9-102+, and K9-204+.

Nylon and Nylon-steel Brushes can help get back your drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity by penetrating and removing debris stuck in the pipe. These FlexShaft brushes ensure full surface cleanup while spinning and pushing downstream. It is made for relining or pipe renovation and ventilation shaft cleaning. Ensuring efficient clean-out, these brushes are compatible with all pipe types and offer varying sizes for 1 ¼”–6” pipes, and they are also ideal for spreading resin when spray lining.

Nylon Brushes are made up of nylon material for gentle cleaning of fragile pipes. This brush type functions as a centering guide for other tools and for spreading resin when spray lining. You can add a securing ring in front of it for additional support to prevent losing the brush in the pipe during extended use. It is also used for final clean-up to sweep fine debris downstream. This brush is also compatible with all FlexShaft models.           

Nylon and Steel Brushes, on the other hand, consist of 50% nylon and 50% steel and are compatible with the FlexShaft K9-204+ Machine. It can be used for cleaning and light grinding of pipe walls and to help clear debris sitting at the bottom of a pipe. These brushes are also for relining applications such as preparing PVC walls for a liner, and they can also be used as a centering guide. Oil will not "slip through" the strings but will travel forward for flushing away when you use this brush as a follow-up instrument to remove any last bits of debris from the pipe after using a chain knocker. This brush can cover a larger surface area than a chain knocker.

There are brushes for every task, depending on the size, material, and obstruction of the pipe. Choosing the appropriate brush will ensure a thorough wall-to-wall clean.

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