PC116 Power Tubing Cutter

PC116 Power Tubing Cutter

The brand-new PC116 power tubing cutter is an efficient, portable, durable and reliable professional tubing processing and pretreatment machine, which can quickly cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, plastic and tubes in other materials. The cold cut power technology realizes safe and labor-saving high efficiency cutting. The portable design enables it to be easily carried to the workplace, and it can provide longer service life by means of equipped with high strength alloy steel blade. PC116 power tubing cutter is an ideal choice for commercial and domestic water supply, gas construction site, factory workbench, ground and other different working environments. Tubing cutting capacity: Outer diameter of tubing 12mm-116mm

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  • High efficiency: - Fast-moving forward and backward cutter system, fast arrival at the cutting position, and the cutting can be completed in high-speed; blade replacement is free of tool to save replacement time.
  • High cutting quality: - Cold-cutting method, no spark, smooth cutting end face, avoiding corrosion and leakage risk; roller is provided with anti-rust treatment to avoid corrosion on the outer wall of the tubing.
  • High durability: - Long service life of high strength alloy steel blade.
  • Portable: - The weight is about 14kg, compact in size, and portable handle and cord binding device are more convenient to carry and store.
  • Labor saving: - Ergonomic handle, thread feed mechanism, and labor saving in cutting process
  • Safe and reliable: - High-low two level rotating speed, reduce the risk of tubing swing, and maintain good stability; pedal switch, capable of cutting off the power in case of accident to protect the user's safety
  • More optional accessories: - Tubing bracket (recommended when the tubing length is more than 1m); trimming device (the maximum outer diameter of inner trimming tubing is 54mm)

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
(Includes foot pedal, E850 wheel & wheel bearing)
Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
56662 VJ-99  VJ-99 28" - 52" V-Head High Pipe Stand  23  10.4 
64898 Wheel Bearing  0.0 
64903 PC-116 TS  Tube Stand  1.6 
64908 137S  Reamer  0.6 
66938 E-850  Cutter Wheel w/o Bearing for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum  0.0 
66943 E-855  Cutter Wheel w/o Bearing for Plastic and Copper  0.0