SeeSnake® microDrain APX Inspection Camera with TruSense Technology


SeeSnake® microDrain APX Inspection Camera with TruSense Technology

The RIDGID SeeSnake® microDRAIN APX™ with TruSense is the ideal pipe inspection camera for small pipes and conduits with tight turns. The advanced, high-flexbility push cable and a small-radius camera design allows inspection through small-diameter pipes, p-traps, and small-radius ends that other inspection systems often cannot inspect. It offers enhanced camera functionality including TruSense technology and auto-image rotation for bright, clear in-pipe images and on-screen camera angle and image orientation feedback. The microDRAIN APX includes a kickstand for use with the CSx Via™ and offers enhanced stability.
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  • Flexibility - High-flex push cable navigates tight turns and small diameter pipes - pass multiple 90° bends in most 1.5" (40 mm) drain lines.
  • Enhanced Camera Functionality - APX camera reels offer TruSense technology with an HDR image sensor for superior in-pipe viewing and on-camera TiltSense inclinometer.
  • Auto-Image Flip - Rotates camera image wihout any moving parts.
  • Portability - Lightweight and compact design is one-half the size of popular inspection systems, easily stowed in a truck and carried onto the jobsite.
  • Stability - Built-in kickstand for improved ergonomics can be used uprigt, at a 45 degree angle for improved leverage on four feet to provide clearance for use with CSx Via.
  • Durability - Hardened stainless steel camera head and spring assembly is durable and reliable for a long service life.
  • Visibility - Camera heads feature long-lasting high-efficiency LEDs that deliver better in-pipe visibility and higher color accuracy.
  • Traceability - Integrated 512 Hz sonde allows for easy line tracing and locating.
  • Versatility - Works with all SeeSnake monitors, including CSx Via Wi-Fi Hub, or the CA-350 inspection camera (CA-350 adpter sold serparately).


Camera Diameter 22 mm
Camera Type Auto-Image Flip
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Line Capacity 1 1/4" to 3" (32 mm to 75 mm)
Push Cable Length 65 ft (20 m)
Push Cable Diameter 0.33" (8.3 mm)
Cable Flexibility High Flex
Push Cable Minimum Bend Radius .75" (19.1 mm)
Sonde 512Hz, Integrated
Weight 11.6 lbs (5.25 kg)
Length 13.3 in (337 mm)
Width 8.8 in (224 mm)
Height 16.2 in (411 mm)
Drum Diameter 12 in (305 mm)

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
70023 microDRAIN  SeeSnake® microDRAIN APX with TruSense  11 3/5  5.26  Buy Now
  • 71498 - Spare, Slipring Connector
  • 67307 - SeeSnake Interconnect Cord 33/10' (10 m/3 m)
  • 53088 - Spanner Wrench, 22 mm Handleless
Catalog Number Description
34318 42 mm Pipe Guide, 22 mm Camera, Pkg of 2  Buy Now
40593 36 mm Pipe Guide, 22 mm Camera, Pkg of 2  Buy Now
53088 Spanner Wrench, 22 mm Handleless  Buy Now
55898 micro CA-350 Inspection Camera (115v)  Buy Now
67307 SeeSnake Interconnect Cord 33/10' (10 m/3 m)  Buy Now
67808 SeeSnake® CA-350 Adapter and Docking Handle  Buy Now
70718 SeeSnake® CA-350 Adapter Kit  Buy Now