The RIDGID Story: Born In 1923, A Tool For A Lifetime

March 2, 2021

The RIDGID story begins in 1923. We started with something big in mind and, at the same time, something heavy duty in our hands: the RIDGID Wrench. It wasn’t just a regular tool, it was The Modern Pipe Wrench, a tool specially designed and crafted for all the dedicated experts in skilled trades. Back then, we made a promise to deliver pipe wrenches with the same high standards of quality, strength and endurance. This was our religion and main objective throughout the years. We had one job and we are proud we managed to get it done right.

Over the past century, the RIDGID wrenches witnessed millions of professionals getting the job done. For those of you who don’t have a RIDGID wrench in the toolbox yet, here’s an advice: get yourself one. These are just a few reasons why you should consider the thought.

RIDGID Wrench -> a tool you can trust. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A RIDGID wrench in your toolbox is much more than having a tool you can grab for the next job. It is a guarantee for a lifetime and a legacy for the next generations. If it ever breaks, you get it replaced. Simple as that.

Every wrench is work tested before shipment. The best for the best.

From engineering and manufacturing to sales and service support, we own and control the entire supply chain, ensuring the promised high standards for our demanding customers. From top to bottom, every inch of each RIDGID wrench says quality. Over one million wrenches are sold yearly in the world, but only after they pass the first test of their existence.  

Full range of sizes

No matter how small or big the job is, there's always a RIDGID wrench ready to help you. The Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench takes a maximum number of fittings and sizes. 

Anatomy of a legend.

The Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench is specially designed to turn pipe and tighten or loosen threaded pipe connections with round threaded fittings. Its handle and heel jaw in one-piece construction makes it a very strong tool. The I-beam handle is designed for a comfortable grip, without excess weight needed. At the same time, it has only 2 moving parts: the hook jaw and the nut. The hook jaw is made of special alloy steel, tempered to tough hardness, while it also quickly adjusts to the size of the pipe with only a thumb move on the nut.

Available throughout the world, where fine tools are sold.

RIDGID Wrenches are part of heavy-duty applications all over the world. Utilities, mechanical installations, construction and facility maintenance, fire protection, energy and mining – all these industries have on the job site at least one RIDGID Wrench.

Time-tested. Purpose-built. Legendary tools. When needing a wrench, make sure you choose an iconic RIDGID wrench.