Get The Best Performance Out of Your Machine with FlexShaft Brushes

May 1, 2021

RIDGID added some new accessories for FlexShaft Machines to provide optimum performance on your drain cleaning. The latest additions to expanded accessory range of FlexShaft are the Nylon & Nylon-Steel Brushes that can be essentially used for final cleanup, relining and are ideal for fragile pipes. These brush accessories work on FlexShaft models K9-102, K9-204 and K9-306.

With these accessories, you can get back your drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity by penetrating and removing debris stuck in the pipe. These FlexShaft brushes ensure full surface clean up while spinning and pushing downstream.

Compatible with all pipe types and offering varying sizes for 1 ¼”–6” pipes, they are used for all-purpose cleaning where use of chain knockers may cause damage and may alternatively, be utilized as a follow-up tool after chain knocker usage. They are also ideal for spreading resin when spray lining.

Nylon Brushes are made up of nylon material for gentle cleaning of fragile pipes. This brush type functions as centering guide for other tools and for spreading resin when spray lining. A Securing Ring may be added in front of it for additional support to prevent losing the brush in pipe during extended use. This brush is also compatible with all FlexShaft models.

Nylon and Steel Brushes on the other hand, is a much aggressive type that is made up of 50% nylon and 50% steel and is compatible with the FlexShaft K9-204 Machine. It can be used for light grinding of pipe walls and to help clear debris sitting at the bottom of a pipe. These brushes are also for relining applications such as preparing PVC walls for a liner. It can be used as a follow up tool after chain knocker usage to clear all remaining debris from pipe as this brush can cover more surface than a chain knocker,
hence the grease will not “slip through” the strings but will move it forward for flushing away. And just like the Nylon Brushes, this can also be used as a centering guide.

Depending on pipe size, pipe material and blockage, there are Brushes for every job. Select the right brush to guarantee an efficient wall-to-wall clean-out.

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