LR-60B Latching Round Crimp Head

LR-60B Latching Round Crimp Head

6 Ton Crimp Head used with round shaped crimp dies to crimp copper and aluminum connectors and wire for cable termination

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  • Classified to UL 1976 for Copper Connectors and Wire From #8AWG to 600 Kcmil and Aluminum Connectors and Wire From #8AWG to 350 Kcmil
  • Quick release latching system for maximum efficiency
  • Crimp dies quickly snap into head – no push button or adapters to change dies
  • Slim compact design and 360° head rotation enables access to tight spaces
  • Compatible with 6 Ton dies from RIDGID and other manufacturers*
  • LR-60B designed for 6-Ton U Dies ONLY
*For the most up to date RIDGID Crimp Die/Electrical Connector Compatibility Charts, go to


Crimp Capacity Up to 600 Kcmil (300mm²) Copper and 350 Kcmil (240mm²) Aluminum Wire and Connectors
Approximate Cycle Time 5 seconds
Crimp Head Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)
LR-60B Crimp head can be purchased as part of a kit for the RE 6 / RE 60 Electrical Tool or as a separate crimp head to add to an existing kit

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
52083   RE 6 Electrical Tool Case Only  11.30  5.10 
56513 RB-1825  18V 2.5Ah Advanced Lithium Battery
1.09  0.49 
56518 RB-1850  18V 5.0Ah Advanced Lithium Battery
1.59  0.72 
6 Ton Copper Dies
Catalog Number Description
53548 6T Copper Round Die Set 
53628R DIE, 6T RD CU 600 
53623R DIE, 6T RD CU 500 
53618R DIE, 6T RD CU 400 
53613R DIE, 6T RD CU 350 
53608R DIE, 6T RD CU 300 
53603R DIE, 6T RD CU 250 
53598 DIE, 6T RD CU 4/0 
53593 DIE, 6T RD CU 3/0 
53588 DIE, 6T RD CU 2/0 
53583 DIE, 6T RD CU 1/0 
53578 DIE, 6T RD CU #1 
53573 DIE, 6T RD CU #2 
53568 DIE, 6T RD CU #4 
53563 DIE, 6T RD CU #6 
53558 DIE, 6T RD CU #8 
6 Ton Aluminum Dies
Catalog Number Description
53553 6T Aluminum Round Die Set 
53688 DIE, 6T RD AL 350 
53683 DIE, 6T RD AL 300 
53678 DIE, 6T RD AL 250 
53673 DIE, 6T RD AL 4/0 
53668 DIE, 6T RD AL 3/0 
53663 DIE, 6T RD AL 2/0 
53658 DIE, 6T RD AL 1/0 
53653 DIE, 6T RD AL #1 
53648 DIE, 6T RD AL #2 
53643 DIE, 6T RD AL #4 
53638 DIE, 6T RD AL #6 
53633 DIE, 6T RD AL #8