RE 60-MLR Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool

RE 60-MLR Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool

The RE 60-MLR is designed to crimp large size cable lugs (up to 300 mm² Cu) while providing best-in-class comfort and ease-of-use thanks to its very compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

The RIDGID RE 60-MLR features the patent-pending RapidAdvance System™ which allows the user to engage the lug in just a single pump of the handle. This reduces the total amount of pumps needed for completing a crimp. The RE 60-MLR is also designed to make the pumping action as effortless as possible with its extremely low handle-force and ergonomic rubber handgrips.

The RE 60-MLR also features a very slim crimp head design that can be rotated 330º allowing easy access to cables even in the most confined panel spaces. The RE 60-MLR comes with a blow-molded plastic carrying case with space for 13 crimping dies. The case features unique RIDGID die slot marking decals for faster crimp die identification and retrieval.

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  • 60 KN Hydraulic force output and 18 mm stroke to easily accommodate lugs and connectors up to 300 mm2 (600 kcmil) Copper and and 240 mm2 (350 kcmil) Aluminium.
  • RIDGID® RapidAdvance System™ quickly engages the lug in just one pump to minimize unnecessary pumping.
  • Built-in Pressure Relief-valve signals when the maximum force is reached and crimping is complete.
  • 330° head rotation with small latching crimp head for maximum flexibility and easy access in tight spaces.
  • Quick Release Latching System allows for rapid die changes between different size connections.
  • Lightweight and compact size offers portability and ease of use for one operator.
  • Low handle force reduces hand strain and operator fatigue.
  • Rubber grips for superior comfort and control.
  • Ideal for use in remote locations where access to power is limited.
  • Best-in-class size (length) of 425 mm (16.75") and weight: 2,8 kg (6.2 lbs).
  • Die slot marking decals in the case for faster crimping die identification and retrieval.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Weight
lb. kg
53118 Kit RE 60-MLR - without DIES  7.40 
6 Ton Aluminum Dies
Catalog Number Description
53633 DIE, 6T RD AL #8 
53638 DIE, 6T RD AL #6 
53643 DIE, 6T RD AL #4 
53648 DIE, 6T RD AL #2 
53653 DIE, 6T RD AL #1 
53658 DIE, 6T RD AL 1/0 
53663 DIE, 6T RD AL 2/0 
53668 DIE, 6T RD AL 3/0 
53673 DIE, 6T RD AL 4/0 
53678 DIE, 6T RD AL 250 
53683 DIE, 6T RD AL 300 
53688 DIE, 6T RD AL 350 
6 Ton Copper Dies
Catalog Number Description
53548 6T Copper Round Die Set 
53558 DIE, 6T RD CU #8 
53563 DIE, 6T RD CU #6 
53568 DIE, 6T RD CU #4 
53573 DIE, 6T RD CU #2 
53578 DIE, 6T RD CU #1 
53583 DIE, 6T RD CU 1/0 
53588 DIE, 6T RD CU 2/0 
53593 DIE, 6T RD CU 3/0 
53598 DIE, 6T RD CU 4/0 
53603R DIE, 6T RD CU 250 
53608R DIE, 6T RD CU 300 
53613R DIE, 6T RD CU 350 
53623R DIE, 6T RD CU 500 
53628R DIE, 6T RD CU 600