XF45 and XF50 Quick Acting Vises

XF45 and XF50 Quick Acting Vises

RIDGID® XF45 and XF50 Quick Acting Vises combine the strength and durability of forged steel, with the time and effort savings of a Quick Action Trigger. These vises are the only forged steel bench vises on the market with this Quick Action. Traditional bench vises rely solely on hand cranks to tighten and loosen the jaws. By flipping the Quick Action Trigger, the jaws can easily slide into the desired position. This trigger significantly reduces the amount of time and effort when working with this vise.

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  • Quick Action Trigger allows you to effortlessly slide jaws in and out to easily adjust for different sized objects.
  • Forged steel construction offers superior durability and strength.
  • Patented jaw alignment system provides precise clamping and longer service life.
  • Large capacity forged pipe jaws clamps pipe and rod securely.
  • 360 degree forged steel swivel base allows for an infinite amount of adjustability.
  • Oversized, hardened jaws and anvil provide greater clamping and working surfaces.
  • Steel handle with anti-pinch rings offers increased strength and eliminates pinches.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
26648 XF-45  4 1/2" Quick Acting Forged Vise  26  11.7 
27848 XF-50  5" Quick Acting Forged Vise  48  21.6