Cleaning Contractor Tool Must-Haves For Start-Ups

July 1, 2021

Thinking about starting a cleaning business? If you have chosen to operate a commercial or specialized cleaning business, then you may rely on RIDGID tools to get your jobs done professionally. You don’t need much to get going as long as you choose quality tools, supplies, and equipment that will certainly make your cleaning job easier and much efficient.

Check out our recommended tools for cleaning contractor start-ups:

Professional Tool Storage System

Store, organize, carry and find your tools without wasting any space or your time with the RIDGID Professional Tool Storage System. The value of having a clean, well-organized tool storage cart enables the worker to be productive while keeping his/her safety.

A well-stocked, properly set-up cart allows easier access to cleaning products, as well as tools and other supplies. With the Professional Tool Storage System, it doesn’t just allow you to organize your tools but keeps them in-reach when you need them.

It has a heavy-duty design made up of high impact resin and provides water and dust seal for equipment protection. It also features a metal carrying side handle that locks each unit to the other unit, allowing you to secure your tools when the job is done.

Professional Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums

No need to mess with buckets or mops when you can have a tool can do it all better and faster. The RIDGID Professional Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums are made to exceed jobsite and user demands when it comes to clean-up jobs. It can be used for both dry and wet applications.

Designed and engineered for best-in-class power, performance and durability, RIDGID offer a range of wet/dry vacs that varies in drum capacity. For residential, we recommend the 4 Gallon and 6 Gallon wet/dry vacs while for commercial use, 12 Gallon and 16 Gallon. Still, your choice of vacuum will depend on your needs and your preference.

Nonetheless, our Wet/Dry vacuums can provide your customer with the best quality outcome when it comes to cleaning due to its exceptional suction power. In addition, these vacs are also versatile as it also has a blowing capacity wherein you can lock your hose into the blower port to use it as a leaf blower. Meanwhile, the 16 Gallon is an exception as it features a detachable blower, equipping you with 2 tools for the price of one.

The RIDGID Wet/Dry vacs also provides increased maneuverability with its 360º caster wheels that makes it easier to move around while cleaning. 

micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter

Pricing a cleaning gig is more than just a consideration of the time spent doing the job as you must also know how much to charge— You can charge an hourly rate, or you can charge a certain amount of money per square foot of the area or property.

The micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter may not be your typical device, but it significantly assures your company an accurate measurement of the area or room that you’ll be cleaning.

This battery-operated device is capable of reading distances up to 229 feet in length and is designed with notable elements for quick and easy viewing, storing and sharing of measurements. It has a large, backlit, four-line display screen for a clear view of the reading. It also features an inclination angle measurement system for indirect measurements in hard-to-reach areas. It even has an advanced calculation feature that can adjust units instantly to inches, feet or meters, and sufficient storage space for storing up to 20 measurements at a time.

Additionally, the LM-400 can be connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, allowing users to view, save and share data remotely.

PowerClear™ R7 Drain Cleaning Machine

Cleaning the tub, shower or sink can be tough and exhausting, to say the least. That's why a broad selection of the correct tools, supplies and equipment is essential to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The PowerClear™ R7 Drain Cleaner effortlessly clears blockages from 3/4" to 1 1/2" diameter. It features AUTOFEED® Technology that keeps your hands clean and free from touching the heavy-duty cable while advancing and retrieving. It’s also relatively lightweight and compact, making it easier to maneuver in small spaces like under a sink.

With these basic cleaning contractor must-have tools, it ensures you to deliver increased cleaning performance for both your residential and commercial clients.

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