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RIDGID FlexShaft Machine

How To Use RIDGID FlexShaft Machine with SeeSnake Camera

The RIDGID FlexShaft Machine, the latest high-speed drain cleaning innovation, boosts jobsite productivity by providing wall-to-wall clean while having an in-pipe camera for inspection. Since it is designed to complement and work in conjunction with the RIDGID SeeSnake cameras, eliminating blockages are now made easier and faster.
RIDGID Hand Spinners

RIDGID Hand Spinners: Recommended Choice For Sinks, Showers And Tub Drains

Clogged drains are a nuisance as it doesn’t just slow down water flow but can also result to other inconveniences. Tackle those accumulated hair, lint, and other residues in your drains with RIDGID’s three different tools and clean lines up to 40mm.
RIDGID Toilet Augers unclog toilet on white background

Declog Toilet and Urinal with RIDGID Augers

Fix a clogged or slow draining urinal quickly and easy by using an appropriate tool. RIDGID offers the K-6P and K-6P XL Toilet Augers that can get rid of the uric scale and other blockages like toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, baby wipes, and hair that accumulated in the trap and thus, causes an obstruction to the drain line.
RIDGID PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner on white Background

How to Use The RIDGID PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner

The RIDGID PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner is a portable machine that removes blockages from lines ¾” to 1 ½” in diameter. With a 2-Way Autofeed® technology, it makes it convenient to clean clogged kitchen sink and bathtubs while keeping your hands clean and free from touching the cable. Apart from that, it is easy to carry around but is powerful enough to clear the toughest dirt, gunk, soap scum and hair buildup.
RIDGID K-6P Powered Toilet Auger

How to Use RIDGID K-6P Powered Toilet Auger

The RIDGID K-6P Powered Toilet Auger is designed for cleaning toilet drains through the toilet trap. It can also be used for clearing stubborn blockages on urinals, and even on floor or shower drains. This tool can be maneuvered through the drain either manually or can be operated with a battery powered drill with up to 500 RPM maximum speed.
RIDGID Inspection Monitors

Benefits of Using the RIDGID Inspection Monitors

RIDGID offers an extensive line of products for plumbing inspection under the Underground Technologies. Built on a legacy of innovation and quality, we deliver provide cutting-edge different equipment—From RIDGID SeeSnake cameras, reels and monitors— to cater to your specific needs and handle any job efficiently.
RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuum

Things You Can Surprisingly Do with RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuum

It is actually more versatile than you might think! Below are some surprising uses of this cleaning arsenal which could be a great help for you to utilize it for a lot of other things simultaneously.
FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine

The Cleaning Principles of Using RIDGID FlexShaft Machines Correctly

The FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines knock out tough grease buildups quickly and efficiently. IT features impressive wall-to-wall cleaning on 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch pipes and drain lines up to 70 feet. Both models, K9-204 and K9-102, has a chain knocker that expands to the pipe inside diameter to unclog grease, sludge, small tree roots and other soft blockages. Apart from that, FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines allow for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe during the drain cleaning process.
RIDGID 4 Gallon Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum: Power Meets Portability

RIDGID 4 Gallon Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum: Power Meets Portability

RIDGID, the industry leader in providing top of the line Wet/Dry vacuums introduces their newest addition to their professional industrial line. The WD4075KR is 4 Gallon Wet/Dry vacuum that highlights portability and power for a fuss-free cleaning for both residential and commercial sites.
SeeSnake Compact

RIDGID SeeSnake Compact2: Your Trusted Partner For Pipe Inspection

Inspecting the conditions of the pipe can be time consuming, diverse and demanding but with the SeeSnake Compact2, it is made faster and more efficient. This upgraded version of the SeeSnake Compact is designed with new features and enhanced technology for thorough and efficient reporting of the condition of the pipe.
Professional Tools Storage System

Cleaning Contractor Tool Must-Haves For Start-Ups

Thinking about starting a cleaning business? If you have chosen to operate a commercial or specialized cleaning business, then you may rely on RIDGID tools to get your jobs done professionally. You don’t need much to get going as long as you choose quality tools, supplies, and equipment that will certainly make your cleaning job easier and much efficient.
The RIDGID K9-102 and K9-204 FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines

A Quick Guide For Proper Drill Setup and Cleaning With FlexShaft Machine (FEE-JP) - News

The RIDGID K9-102 and K9-204 FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines clean and descale pipes in 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch and drain lines up to 70 feet. Both has a chain knocker that expands to the pipe inside diameter to break up grease, sludge, small tree roots and other soft blockages.

Remove Stubborn Clogs with the RIDGID® PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner

Clogged kitchen sink, bathtub and shower are inevitable due to dirt, gunk, soap scum and hair buildup. However, it can be a major nuisance, especially if it leads to unpleasant odors and a whole lot of inconvenience.

The Ultimate Guide of Filter Options For RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuums

RIDGID Wet/Dry vacuums range from four to sixteen-gallon capacities with proprietary motor and blower combination for maximized performance. Designed with rugged polypropylene drums, these wet/dry vacs are impact and corrosion resistant.

Get The Best Performance Out of Your Machine with FlexShaft Brushes

RIDGID added some new accessories for FlexShaft Machines to provide optimum performance on your drain cleaning. The latest additions to expanded accessory range of FlexShaft are the Nylon & Nylon-Steel Brushes that can be essentially used for final cleanup, relining and are ideal for fragile pipes. These brush accessories work on FlexShaft models K9-102, K9-204 and K9-306.

The Best Time to Clean Your Drains

When your drain is working to the best of its abilities, it is not worth a thought. However, whether they already started getting sluggish or not, keeping your home or business’ plumbing system in tip-top shape is better than getting issues down the road. That’s why getting everything cleared out is ideal especially on the summer season.

RIDGID 4 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum: Deal With Dirt With Ease

If you’re looking for industrial wet/dry vacuum that can clean edges and gets into tight spots, the RIDGID WD4075KR 4 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, is all you need. This compact machine is ideal for spot-cleaning and quickly dispatches any type of debris.

Professional Tool Storage System: The Perfect Storage Solution

Whether you're doing a car detailing in your auto shop or handling a project on a construction site, prepare yourself to conquer all of these at ease with the help of a dedicated tool box.

Quick and Easy Bevelling with RIDGID B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller

Bevelling is usually used to prepare the ends of a pipe or tube for welding and for deburring the cut ends for safety and aesthetic reasons. However, the process is a time-consuming work and is physically demanding.

RIDGID K-5208: The Most Powerful And Compact Sectional Drain Cleaner

With the rapid and massive changes over the last couple of years, RIDGID continues to build smarter tools to keep pace with the industry that is moving swiftly. A recent innovation to complete our line of professional drain cleaning and inspection tools, RIDGID released a new product, the K-5208 Sectional Machine, that enables job efficiency for plumbers with a reduced product weight.
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