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Remove Stubborn Clogs with the RIDGID® PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner

Clogged kitchen sink, bathtub and shower are inevitable due to dirt, gunk, soap scum and hair buildup. However, it can be a major nuisance, especially if it leads to unpleasant odors and a whole lot of inconvenience.

The Ultimate Guide of Filter Options For RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuums

RIDGID Wet/Dry vacuums range from four to sixteen-gallon capacities with proprietary motor and blower combination for maximized performance. Designed with rugged polypropylene drums, these wet/dry vacs are impact and corrosion resistant.

Get The Best Performance Out of Your Machine with FlexShaft Brushes

RIDGID added some new accessories for FlexShaft Machines to provide optimum performance on your drain cleaning. The latest additions to expanded accessory range of FlexShaft are the Nylon & Nylon-Steel Brushes that can be essentially used for final cleanup, relining and are ideal for fragile pipes. These brush accessories work on FlexShaft models K9-102, K9-204 and K9-306.

The Best Time to Clean Your Drains

When your drain is working to the best of its abilities, it is not worth a thought. However, whether they already started getting sluggish or not, keeping your home or business’ plumbing system in tip-top shape is better than getting issues down the road. That’s why getting everything cleared out is ideal especially on the summer season.

RIDGID 4 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum: Deal With Dirt With Ease

If you’re looking for industrial wet/dry vacuum that can clean edges and gets into tight spots, the RIDGID WD4075KR 4 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, is all you need. This compact machine is ideal for spot-cleaning and quickly dispatches any type of debris.

Professional Tool Storage System: The Perfect Storage Solution

Whether you're doing a car detailing in your auto shop or handling a project on a construction site, prepare yourself to conquer all of these at ease with the help of a dedicated tool box.

Quick and Easy Bevelling with RIDGID B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller

Bevelling is usually used to prepare the ends of a pipe or tube for welding and for deburring the cut ends for safety and aesthetic reasons. However, the process is a time-consuming work and is physically demanding.

RIDGID K-5208: The Most Powerful And Compact Sectional Drain Cleaner

With the rapid and massive changes over the last couple of years, RIDGID continues to build smarter tools to keep pace with the industry that is moving swiftly. A recent innovation to complete our line of professional drain cleaning and inspection tools, RIDGID released a new product, the K-5208 Sectional Machine, that enables job efficiency for plumbers with a reduced product weight.

RIDGID SeekTech ST-305R: The Powerful & Flexible Multi-Frequency Transmitter

The new RIDGID SeekTech ST-305R is a compact yet powerful multi-frequency transmitter that is compatible with any RIDGID SeekTech or NaviTrack receiver.

Change The Way You View Inspections with HQx Dock

Eliminate the hassle of finding a suitable location to place your monitor during a plumbing inspection with the new SeeSnake HQx Dock.

RIDGID SeeSnake CS65XR: An Upgraded Solution To Plumbing Diagnostics

The RIDGID SeeSnake CS65xr Wi-Fi enabled reporting monitor is the all-in-one solution for capturing media and delivering inspection results to your customers, all right from the job site.

CSx Via: The Flexible Bring-Your-Own-Screen Solution

The newly launched RIDGID SeeSnake CSx Via is an inspection viewing innovation and a flexible bring-your-own-screen solution, providing multi-reel-compatibility for enhanced jobsite efficiency.

Efficiently Cut Metallic and Plastic Tubing with RIDGID PC 116 Tubing Cutter

Introducing RIDGID PC 116 Power Tubing Cutter, a machine that efficiently cut tubes including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials with outer diameter of 12mm-116mm.

Upgrade Your RIDGID Standard or Mini Camera Reel with SeeSnake TruSense Upgrade Kits

Stay on top of your game by upgrading your existing SeeSnake Standard or Mini cameras with SeeSnake TruSense Upgrade Kits that provide optimal solution to plumbing diagnostics.

Benefits of TruSense Technology

RIDGID just unveiled its latest innovation in diagnostic inspection with newest line of upgraded RIDGID SeeSnake cameras powered by TruSense technology.

How To Choose The Best Pipe Threader For You

Whether you’re fixing a drainage line or needs to replace equipment over the course of a well or facilities life, threading pipe is the most recommended type of connection to be used in these applications.

RIDGID Presents New Diagnostic Solutions with SeeSnake Compact Series Reels

Built for full inspection experience in the most compact package, three different models are released: The SeeSnake Compact Compact C40 and M40, both are powered by TruSense technology while the SeeSnake Compact2 is an upgraded version of it predecessor.

RIDGID SeekTech® Locator 18V Adaptor Offers a flexible Power Option

RIDGID SeekTech Locators are vital to identify the location of utilities — gas, fiber, water, telecommunications and sewer — to ensure not just the safety of your crew but to protect your bottom line as well.

FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machines: A Contractor’s Must-Have Tool

The FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machine is an impressive tool that efficiently delivers wall-to-wall clean in 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch residential and commercial pipes up to 70 feet.

RIDGID Introduces New Tools For Troubleshooting Most Of The Electrical Problems

Introducing the latest addition to RIDGID electrical tools – micro DM-100 Digital Multimer and micro CM-100 Digital Clamp Meter.

The Ideal Machine To Remove Blockages In Sinks, Shower Drain and Bath Tubs

Every plumber needs to be equipped with the right tools to win the job.

The Vacuum That Has Suction and Blowing Function in One Machine

The WD1685ND Wet/Dry Vacuum that features versatility when it comes to cleaning as it delivers powerful suction and blower-- all in one tool.

CS6x Versa Digital Reporting Monitor: A New Addition To RIDGID’s Diagnostic Line

Get rid of the hassle of trying to look for a suitable location to place your monitor while doing a plumbing inspection with the new CS6x Versa Digital Reporting Monitor with Wi-Fi.

Powerful Addition to RIDGID® Line of Compact Camera Reels With TruSense™ Technology

SeeSnake® Compact C40 and M40 camera reels take pipe inspection to the next level.

A Tough Dad Equips Himself with Tougher Tools

No matter how tough the work is, RIDGID tools help dads perform at their best.