RIDGID Presents New Diagnostic Solutions with SeeSnake Compact Series Reels

October 1, 2020

Built for full inspection experience in the most compact package, three different models are released: The SeeSnake Compact Compact C40 and M40, both are powered by TruSense technology while the SeeSnake Compact2 is an upgraded version of it predecessor.

These Compact Series Reels allow fast detection on problematic locations and helps address it quicker and more efficiently by providing an easy access and accurate images/recordings.

Both the SeeSnake Compact Compact C40 and M40 feature a 25 mm self-leveling camera head, 131 feet (40 meters) of push cable and can be paired with RIDGID CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors. Their quick-release docking system makes them compatible for the new CS6x Versa digital reporting monitor and their sturdy metal frame provides a solid base that makes it easier to push and retrieve the cable for fast and efficient use. The C40’s flexible push cable is made for small/restricted branch lines with tight turns and shorter runs in main laterals, while the M40’s moderately stiff push cable suits longer runs in main and branch lines.

The integrated TruSense technology on the C40 and M40 establishes a two-way datalink path between the camera head and a connected RIDGID SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitor, bringing powerful data capability to plumbing diagnostics. A high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor and Tiltsense™ inclinometer provides exceptional diagnostic imaging and transports valuable data about the in-pipe environment.

Meanwhile, the SeeSnake Compact2 comes with a 100-feet friction-reducing push cable that can provide high-quality multimedia of the small or restricted lines from 1.5 - 6 inches. It is firm enough to push through constrained pipes yet is flexible to maneuver through tight turns with ease. In addition, it features a one-inch self-leveling camera at the end of a push cable that provides defined and clear footage of the pipe environment. It also can be integrated with 512 Hz sonde that transmits a powerful signal that can be located with a RIDGID SeekTech receiver, making it ideal for locating your point of interest accurately.

SeeSnake Compact Series Reels give you the underground technology equipment to become an inspecting pro. Each come with the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty. 

For more details, visit https://www.ridgid.com/