Celebrating 100 Years of RIDGID History

December 14, 2022

The RIDGID story begins in 1923 with the invention of an icon: the RIDGID Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench. We started small, as a pipe wrench manufacturer, but with determination, passion and continuous innovation, we evolved into one of the world’s largest suppliers of quality tools for professional trades.

Over the past century, it has been our mission to develop, manufacture and deliver the best-in-class tools for you, all experts on the field. Day after day, despite tough weather and job site conditions, you put the effort into building a better world of tomorrow. Without you, your trust, hard work and passion for the trades we wouldn’t have come this far.

Every job site, every project, every step of the way, we have been together, working on pushing boundaries, exceeding limits and always moving forward.

Join us in celebrating the past 100 years with a walk down memory lane – and get ready for what’s next!

1923 – The iconic RIDGID Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench is born and the foundations of the Ridge Tool Company are set in Elyria, Ohio, USA.

1930 – During the late ’20s and early ’30s, Ridge Tool Company focuses on new product development and expands the product line with End Wrenches and Pipe Cutters.

1943 – The Ridge Tool Company moves to its current World HQ, a location with corporate offices, a manufacturing site, training and technical service centres.

1948 - 1959 – During the late ’40s and late ’50s, the company takes innovative thinking to the next level, developing the Model 400 Power Drive (1948), Model 500 Threading Machine (1950), Model 535 Threading Machine (1957) and Model 300 Threading Machine (1959).

1962 – Ridge Tool Company opens the first overseas factory in Europe, Belgium.

1966 – Ridge Tool Company becomes part of Emerson Electric.

1967 – Ridge Tool Company enters the drain cleaning business by acquiring the Kollman Company.

1969 – With portability and ease of use in mind, the company starts manufacturing Aluminium Wrenches.

1997 – www.ridgid.com is launched.

1999 – RIDGID enters the pressing market by introducing the CT-400 Pressing tool. Today, RIDGID is the #1 brand in pressing around the world.

2007 – With the launch of the RIDGID SeeSnake microReel camera, high-tech inspection capabilities have been added to the portfolio.

2010 – The RIDGID Software Solutions are launched to create unique and dynamic applications designed to help tradespeople do their jobs more efficiently.

2015 – RIDGID introduces fast and accurate beveling with the launch of the RIDGID B-500 Pipe Beveller.


2017 – The RIDGID SeeSnake WiFi-enabled Digital Recording Monitors are launched to stream and/or record inspections to the latest iOS or Android devices.

2019 - RIDGID introduces high-speed drain cleaning with the launch of the FlexShaft K9-102 and K9-204 FlexShaft Machines.

2021RIDGID RP-350RP-351 Press Tools are launched. These tools feature Brushless Motor Technology which translated into no service interval, no periodic service requirement and no scheduled service downtime.

Without giving any spoilers, 2023 will be a tremendous year! Festive, filled with impressive job site stories and topped with product innovation, 2023 is a milestone we are very proud to have reached.

Stay close to us, we continue writing history together!