The Best Time to Clean Your Drains

May 1, 2021

When your drain is working to the best of its abilities, it is not worth a thought. However, whether they already started getting sluggish or not, keeping your home or business’ plumbing system in tip-top shape is better than getting issues down the road. That’s why getting everything cleared out is ideal especially on the summer season.

RIDGID offers a diverse range of high quality and durable residential and professional Drain Cleaning equipment to tackle annoying blockages and obstructions on pipe. A preventative inspection and cleaning measures will avert problems with blocked and leaking drains throughout the year.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider summer as an ideal time to clean your drains.

Clog Prevention

The most common plumbing woes are clogs that may occur in any drain line and can cause a huge mess over time.

Grease, hair, toilet paper and other debris can severely build major blockages that can damage drain lines and may lead to major repair costs, hence, cleaning pipes during summer can then easily rectify the problem to prevent it getting worse and potentially resulting to other extensive problems.


Avoid Health Hazards

Accumulated debris, deteriorating food particles, hair and soap scum in the drains in the drain lines can harbor an environment where bacteria can thrive and can even cause nasty odors. During the summer months, heat and humidity facilitates the rapid growth and spread of these health hazards due to stagnant or slow flowing water through your pipes, thus cleaning your drains means keeping these health hazards at bay.


Save cost of repair

When the drain lines are cleaned out, you won't have a mess to clean up and your wallet will benefit too as you won’t have to face the cost of repairing water damage or pipe.  Apart from preventing major repair costs, it can also help your plumbing system last longer and eliminates the burden or unnecessary headaches and stress of worrying when a plumbing disaster might occur.


The advantages of cleaning drains at this time of the year is enormous. It is beneficial and much convenient to clean your drains in the summer as you can address and easily rectify all the possible scenarios and ensure optimal conditions on your pipe at a low cost as well.


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