Efficiently Cut Metallic and Plastic Tubing with RIDGID PC 116 Tubing Cutter

December 1, 2020

Introducing RIDGID PC 116 Power Tubing Cutter, a machine that efficiently cut tubes including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials with outer diameter of 12mm-116mm.

Built with a quick feeding system, it allows fast arrival at the cutting position to ensure high-speed and quality cutting. It also saves time as the cutter wheel replacement is free of any other tool. Moreover, the PC 116 guarantees labor-saving in cutting process due to its ergonomic handle design.

Featuring high-low two level rotating speed for stability, the PC 116 reduces the risk of tubing swing and it also has a pedal switch to protect the user’s safety by being able to cut off power in case of accident.

Enhanced with cold cutting technology it provides high cutting quality with no spark and smoother cutting end face, avoiding the risk of corrosion and leakage. The roller also has anti-rust treatment to avoid corrosion on the outer wall of the tubing.

Like any other RIDGID pipe fabrication equipment, the PC 116 promises durability with its high-strength alloy steel blades that have a long service life.

Designed to be compact and portable, it only weighs 14 kg. for more convenient carrying on the job site. It also has a cord binding device for easier storing.

An optional reamer is also available to remove burrs from the inside of tubing up to 54 mm and it can be equipped with pipe bracket that is recommended when the pipe length exceeds 1 meter.

The PC 116 Power Tubing Cutter is an ideal machine for on-site job of commercial and residential water supply, gas industries, factories and among others.

For more details, visit https://www.ridgid.com/