Benefits of TruSense Technology

November 17, 2020

RIDGID just unveiled its latest innovation in diagnostic inspection with newest line of upgraded RIDGID SeeSnake cameras powered by TruSense technology. This provides valuable data about the in-pipe environment by establishing a two-way communication link between the SeeSnake cameras and the connected SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitor.

Equipped with advanced on-camera sensors, it offers relevant information about the condition of the pipe you’re monitoring. TruSense technology is dubbed as the first true data-enabled plumbing diagnostic cameras with unmatched reliability and performance. Not convince yet? Check out below its range of benefits or features:


With an HDR image sensor, it provides better overall image and perspective of the pipe. It allows to expand the camera's dynamic range on difficult lighting conditions for a more balanced image with superior clarity and detail.


A more advanced feature with an on-camera inclinometer that provides you a better view when diagnosing blockages or tracking the condition of the pipe. This give you the convenience of reading the angle on the camera head, providing you a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera on the CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors.


SeeSnake cameras with TruSense technology are available in self-leveling models, which keeps the image upright, and as well as non self-leveling models.

FleXmitter® SONDE

Integrated with Powerful FleXmitter® sonde, it offers a longer range and conserves the camera's ability to make turns.


With rugged, high-intensity LEDs, experience exceptional viewing, durability and long life.


When the SeeSnake cameras with TruSense technology is connected to a CSx series monitor, you can connect it to a mobile or tablet via the free HQx Live app for viewing and recording video. The HQx Live provides instant access to your inspection media stream. This is available on iOS and Android, offering screen flexibility and gives you the ability to stream live video directly to a mobile device. Additionally, you can also capture and share photos with it.

TruSense Technology indeed allows you to see more and know more about an inspection than ever before. Find out more about it at