Declog Toilet and Urinal with RIDGID Augers

November 1, 2021

Fix a clogged or slow draining urinal quickly and easy by using an appropriate tool. RIDGID offers the K-6P and K-6P XL Toilet Augers that can get rid of the uric scale and other blockages like toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, baby wipes, and hair that accumulated in the trap and thus, causes an obstruction to the drain line.

These toilet augers are designed to maneuver through the toilet drain and get rid of the clog head on. It is guaranteed to be durable due to its heavy-duty tri-wrap cable and can withstand many uses and corrosion with its Zinc-plated steel tubing.

It also is versatile as it can be used manually or be connected to a battery-powered drill with a maximum 500 RPM for extra obstruction-busting muscle. It has a flexible shaft that is being fed to the toilet, and it rotates by a crank handle. Its sturdy head dislodges tough clogs.

Both the K-6P and K-6P XL have a quick lock adjustment feature that allows users to extend the cable initially to three feet for toilet bowl clearing and then to six feet to remove debris off beyond the bowl.

Aside from clearing blockages with less effort, it also doesn’t leave any scratches in the bottom of the bowl. Other tools can etch and damage the porcelain in the toilet bowl but with the RIDGID Augers that are designed with a hollow tube that are attached to an elbow fitting with robust vinyl cover, it protects the bowl from scratches.

In addition, the K-6P XL offers two interchangeable heads for extra-demanding jobs. The Bulb Auger head boasts flexibility as it allows you to navigate through tight bends to explore and break up blockages. On the other hand, the heavy-duty C-Cutter head is made for cutting and scraping to abolish hard blockages. The K-6P XL also is inclusive of storage bag for clean transportation.

Using the RIDGID Augers is the best way in ensuring the urinal to drain properly. These tools are worth owning by plumbing contractors, drain cleaning specialists, service plumbers and homeowners alike.

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