The Vacuum That Has Suction and Blowing Function in One Machine

July 1, 2020

When you have a tough mess to clean up, using your vacuum cleaner can provide a perfect solution. However, at this contemporary time, a two-in-one tool for blowing and bagging is considered as an essential cleaning arsenal.

RIDGID offers the WD1685ND Wet/Dry Vacuum that features versatility when it comes to cleaning as it delivers powerful suction and blower-- all in one tool. With a rugged and innovative design, it has the ability to carry and hold up to 16-gallon maximum capacity of large spills and messes. But more importantly, it maximizes the full potential of a vacuum because it can be a good alternative to a leaf blower, that is considered as one of the things you can surprisingly do with the RIDGID Wet/Dry vacuum.

This Wet/Dry Vacuum with detachable blower is intended for household use or for regular housekeeping purposes in hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and other similar premises. It may be used for vacuuming wet or dry applications and may alternatively, be used as a blower. The detachable blower can be utilized to remove dust and debris from floors, tools and other work surfaces. It is an effective way to funnel dirt in a pressured stream wherein it easily piles the dirt that can later on be vacuumed up if needed. The blower function is also ideal for large materials that are relatively light but are hard to suck.

There are two recommended methods of using the blower function of the WD1685ND vacuum. You may opt to insert the round end of the blower wand in the blowing port of the detachable blower or you may use the seven-foot hose of the Wet/Dry vac itself. The latter can be equipped with an extension wand and/or car nozzle at the opposite end of the hose.

The Model WD1685ND Wet/Dry vacuum is designed to not only to suck in dirt, but also blow air out. This allows users to multi-task easily and efficiently when dealing with different types of messes. In addition, this extra functionality of having a blower makes a difference when it comes to dealing with difficult messes. It is also considered cost-efficient and a value for your money as you get top-quality vacuum that can perform double duty with RIDGID Wet/Dry vacuum.

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