• Trims 85 sizes of ACSR cable from 8 AWG to 1,780,000 circular mils (C.M.).
  • Bushings for 9 popular cable sizes from 1/0 AWG through 1,780,000 C.M. available from stock.
  • The operation of the tool is similar to that of a conventional tubing cutter.
  • The bushing holder, cutter and handy carrying case are sold as one unit.
  • Case contains storage sockets for 11 bushings. Twelfth bushing is stored in holder.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
54135R 87  ACSR Cable Trimmer (Includes Bushing Holder, Cutter, Carrying Case)  9 1/2  4.30  Buy Now
54270 E-4695  E-4695 Cutter Wheel  0.02  Buy Now
Catalog Number Bushing No. A.W.G. or C.M. No. of Strands
54540 E-5781  556,500  26/7  Buy Now
54575 E-5788  636,000  54/7 24/7  Buy Now