OSHA Compatible Kit on white background
OSHA Compatible Kit
  • Removes 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger from the air.
  • Includes 1 RIDGID VF6000 5-layer allergen filter and 2 RIDGID VF3602 premium cyclonic dust bags.
  • For use with select hand-held power saws and grinders. Achieves HEPA-Level Filtration in select RIDGID 12-16 Gal. vacs
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Kit is OSHA silica table 1 compatible when used with select RIDGID vacs 12 Gal. to 16 Gal. and hand-held power saws for cutting fiber cement-board (with blade/wheel diameter of 4 in. or less) and handheld grinders for mortar removal (i.e. tuck-pointing) and uses other than mortal removal.

HEPA-level filtration is achieved when the VF6000 HEPA media filter and VF3602 cyclonic dust bag are installed together in select RIDGID 12 Gal. to 16 Gal. wet dry vacs

RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac Cyclonic Filtration system on white background
Cyclonic Filtration
Included VF3602 cyclonic dust bags allow for cyclonic airflow, resulting in pre-separation and more equal distribution of fine particles and debris throughout the bag.
RIDGID Sealing Tab on white background
Sealing Tab

Dust bag disposal is clean and easy with its sealing collar. Prevent spillage and seal in debris while removing the dust bag.

HEPA Media Filter on white background
HEPA Media Filter
The RIDGID 5-layer filter is made from HEPA-rated material and removes 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger from the air.