Change The Way You View Inspections with HQx Dock

February 1, 2021

With the new SeeSnake HQx Dock, users can eliminate the hassle of trying to find a suitable location just to place a monitor while doing a plumbing inspection. It’s one of the purpose-built tools that bring mobility, convenience and camera operation with just a mobile screen to any inspection.

This tool purposely changes the way you view inspections by delivering a flexible, convenient way to mount your device such as a tablet when using the SeeSnake HQx Live app.

Featuring a spring-loaded tablet holder, double ball and socket arm, and pivoting kickstand, the HQx Dock can hold most tablets. It is also adjustable for optimal viewing at the jobsite and can be utilized as a free-standing unit or mount onto any RIDGID SeeSnake Compact Series reels for faster and easier setup.

With a sturdy, durable and adjustable design, it provides superior stability at even the most challenging jobsites with harsh environment.

The HQx Dock is absolutely a must-have for pros that use tablets as a portable monitor providing not just optimal inspection viewing but also guarantees to secure any device steadily in place. It can also be paired with the CSx Via for maximum job efficiency.

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