FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machines: A Contractor’s Must-Have Tool

September 1, 2020

With the immense choices of tools and equipment available to carry your job for general contract work, there are some that are great for when you need them, but they’re not designed to be versatile.


Aside from that, as with every trade, you might be required to use the whole arsenal while others require only a few tools to duly perform your work. There is, however, a specialty tool designed to be handy in getting two things done at once.


Contractors must be as capable as possible in as many areas as they can, for them to be able to truly master their field and consequently, secure a solid place therein. Thus, owning the right tools is essential as having that relevant knowledge and extensive skills.


And if you would like to invest on a high-quality tool that will help you get the job done more safely, with higher accuracy and greater efficiency, then the RIDGID FlexShaft® Machine is worthy of your attention.


The much-talked about drain cleaning machine is said to help contractors a better-quality contracting work. And RIDGID is one of those reputable brands that had been commended as a reliable tool to complete every contractors’ job and bring about the best service possible.

FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machine is an impressive tool that efficiently delivers wall-to-wall clean in 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch residential and commercial pipes up to 70 feet. It has powerhouse chain knockers that can entirely clean the circumference of a pipe. But what differs it from the rest is its ability to clean the pipe while there’s a camera in the line, making sure that you can monitor and scrutinize every joint of it.

It also has a cable that spins inside a durable nylon sheath that is housed within a fully contained drum. With the sheath, the cables don’t come out as dirty, so it allows for the cable to be easily wiped clean as it is pulled from the line. Apart from that, it is handy and can be carried easily with its lightweight and compact design.

Backed with Lifetime warranty, this ensures to be dependable to last your lifetime and apparently, pays off your investment.

Indeed, FlexShaft® is a perfect complement to the industry’s most competitive line of professional drain cleaning tools that is why it is the product most contractors swear by.

Find out more about it at https://www.ridgid.com/ph/en/flexshaft-machines