RIDGID® Pump Line Features Innovative and Professional Products

March 12, 2014

All pumps in the line offered by RIDGID® feature reliable designs made with the features professionals want for residential pump applications. RIDGID pumps offer heavy-duty cast-iron construction, high-efficiency design and hassle-free setup. But it’s their intelligence that really sets them apart.

RIDGID XD professional pumps have strong performance features such as 360-degree float protection, which reduces the likelihood of float obstructions, and high-efficiency motors, which extend the switch life and reduces power consumption. The XD pumps also have a non-wicking cord to prevent water from entering the motor and a cast-iron body and volute that continue to show RIDGID’s commitment to solid construction. The top suction design reduces clogging, eliminates air lock as well as the need to drill weep holes.

RIDGID is a leader in integrating advance monitoring and alarm technology into professional pumps. The AdvanTEXT™ Cellular Flood Monitoring detects problems like power outages and rising water, alerting homeowners to issues via text messages. The pumps feature two-way communication, as the user can send a text message to get a status update as well as receive text messages in the event of high water or a power outage. These features provide the opportunity for the user to act before flood damage occurs. The monitoring system is sold as a stand-alone alarm that is compatible with any sump or sewage pump in the market or as integrated pump and cellular alarm units that install easily through a single power cord.

The intelligence in RIDGID pumps is featured across the product lines. The sump pumps have snap action switches that have been tested to over 500,000 cycles. The Back-up Sump Systems have microprocessor controllers with proprietary algorithms for accurate status reporting and battery charging, plus smart charging technology that breaks the surface charge, which can give false “full charge” readings, allowing the battery to recharge to optimal levels. Sewage Pumps have a snap action switch design, which fits in smaller pits, and is protected by the flow diverter cap to help prevent paper or debris build up in the switch area.