RIDGID Introduces New Tools For Troubleshooting Most Of The Electrical Problems

August 1, 2020

Introducing the latest addition to RIDGID electrical tools – micro DM-100 Digital Multimer and micro CM-100 Digital Clamp Meter. These tools offer exceptional performance and reliability and provides all the test and troubleshooting power, packed into an extremely rugged package.

Both electrical tools are true RMS and AutoRanging units, providing the most accurate and fast measurement that is displayed confidently on the back-lit LCD display. Each includes a soft carrying case with double-molded test leads, Type K temperature probe and a 9V battery. In addition, both can handle any electrical problems without compromising measurement performance or compliance to the standards of electrical troubleshooting.

The micro DM-100 Digital Multimeter is an impact-resistant, water-proof and dust-proof electrical troubleshooting tool with 11 different electrical functions ranging from AC/DC Voltage and Current (1000V) to temperature measurements.

Meanwhile, the micro CM-100 Digital Clamp Meter, is a digital meter based around its clamping mechanism, that allows to clamp the device onto cables up to 30 mm O.D. and can measure current up to 1000A AC/DC. It offers versatility as it can measure AC/DC Current and can be utilized as multimeter for 8 other functions.

RIDGID continuously diversifies its tools with the release of micro DM-100 Digital Multimeter and micro CM-100 Digital Clamp Meter, another useful addition to test and measurement range specifically targeted for electrical troubleshooting.

For more details, visit:

micro DM-100 Digital Multimeter: https://www.ridgid.com/ph/en/micro-dm100-digital-multimeter

micro CM-100 Digital Clamp Meter: https://www.ridgid.com/ph/en/micro-cm100-digital-clamp-meter