Model R4330


  • Three-Blade Cutterhead - leaves a smooth, blemish free surface to make final finishing easier
  • Dual-Edge, Quick Change Blades - self-indexing blades are self-aligning and reversible for extended life
  • Chip Impeller Dust Removal System - effectively pulls wood chips form the workplace for improved cuts and a cleaner work- area
  • Sure-Cut™ Carriage Lock - locks cutterhead to help minimize snipe at the end of the workpiece
  • Large Infeed/Outfeed Table Extensions - provides extra workpiece support to help eliminate snipe
  • 120 V / 15 Amp Motor with Overload Protection - maximum power for continuous operation
  • Steel Top with Glides - extra wide area to easily stage material for the next cut
  • Depth Adjustment Handwheel - eay-to-reach side-mounted handwheel keeps top of planer free to stage material
  • Sof-Touch™ Controls - improve comfort and grip
  • Ind-I-Cut™ Depth Gauge - instantly measures cutting depth before each pass
  • Repeat-A-Cut™ Depth Stops - eight adjustable depth stops to precisely plane multiple workpieces to consistent desired thickness for repetitive tasks


Motor 120 V, AC only, 15 Amps
No Load Speed 9,000 r/min. (RPM) 27,000 CPM
Cuts per Inch 96 CPI
Feed Rate 23.5 FPM
Capacity (W x H) 13 in. and 6-1/8 in.
Maximum Depth of Cut 1/8 in.
Weight 73 lbs.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description
27263 R4331  13 Inch Thickness Planer 

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