• Straight Pipe Wrenches

    RIDGID straight pipe wrenches have a sturdy housing and I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw, featuring self cleaning threads with replaceable hook and heel jaws.

  • Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrenches

    The RIDGID® Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrenches are used for Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical and Environmental Core Drilling and Soil Sampling.

  • RapidGrip® Wrenches

    RapidGrip. Quick one-handed operation makes your jobs move faster. The spring-loaded jaw design provides rapid action. Unique combination heel/hook jaw.

  • End Pipe Wrenches

    End Pipe Wrenches provide a faster, easier way to grip pipe in tight spaces. Ideal for pipe work close to a wall, in tight quarters or in closely spaced parallel lines.

  • Raprench® Wrench

    Raprench® Wrench. A deep and broad jaw housing provides smooth, flat surface ideal for occasional use as a hammer. Easy spin nonstick adjustment nut. Instant grip/release. Deep broad hook jaw housing. Heat-treated replaceable jaw.

  • Offset Pipe Wrenches

    RIDGID offset pipe wrenches feature a jaw opening parallel to the handle and a narrower hook jaw head. Offset wrenches provide easy entry into tight spots

  • Hex Wrenches

    Hex jaw design gives multi-sided, secure grip on all hex nuts, square nuts, unions and valve packing nuts.

  • Spud Wrench

    Count on the reliable RIDGID spud wrench to fit into tight places and conquer the toughest plumbing jobs.

  • Chain Wrenches

    RIDGID Chain Wrenches have a double jaw that gives fast, ratchet- like action in either direction.

  • Compound Leverage Wrenches

    Compound Leverage Wrenches. Multiplies the turning force applied to a pipe. Ideal for freeing locked couplings and joints frozen by age or or damage.

  • Chain Tongs

    RIDGID Chain Tongs are designed and sized to provide extra leverage for the toughest jobs.

  • Strap Wrenches

    Strap Wrenches have a polyurethane-coated strap that is good for use on polished pipe.

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Adjustable Wrenches are easily adjustable for a tight jaw fit. Its hex jaw design helps reduce slippage and tightly grips the bolt for solid, secure operation, while the corrosion-resistant chrome finish helps prevent rusting.

  • Specific Purpose Wrenches

    Specialized wrenches for specific purposes like installing faucets.

  • Wrench Parts

    Find the parts you need to repair your RIDGID wrenches.

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