Man using a RIDGID Pipe cutter tool
  • MegaPress® Jaws & Rings join ½" - 4" commercially-available Schedule 5-40 steel Pipe when used with Viega® MegaPress® Fittings.
  • For use with Viega MegaPress,® MegaPressG®, MegaPress® Stainless, and MegaPress CuNi Fittings.
  • Press connect ½” -3/4” Steel pipe with RIDGID Compact Press Tools.
  • Press connect up to 2” steel pipe with RIDGID standard Press Tools.
  • Increase the output of RIDGID standard tools to enable press connection of 4” steel pipe with the New RIDGID® Press Booster.
Man using a RIDGID Mega Press on a big pipe
  • Zero threading required. No need to carry heavy equipment or worry about metal shavings or cutting oils to slow you down.
  • Flameless system eliminates the need for hot work permits.
  • Press connections can be made on a “wet” system.
  • Press up to 2” steel pipe in 5 seconds and up to 4” in under 25 seconds.
MegaPress tool being used by a man
  • Jointly developed and tested with Viega® MegaPress® fittings.
  • An internal processor in the RP 350 confirms a perfect press every time.
  • Viega Smart Connect technology reduces callbacks by ensuring every fitting is pressed properly.
  • RIDGID Press Tools, Jaws, Rings and Prep Tools are built for the most demanding applications and are backed by the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.
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