• Corded Drills

    Get the reliable power you need for those time consuming projects. Drive in screws, drill holes in concrete, and even mix paint, a drill is one of the most useful tools in the toolbox.

  • Circular Saws

    RIDGID Circular Saws feature powerful motors, lightweight frames, a variety of blades and ergonomic handles for user comfort.

  • Reciprocating Saws

    Perform precise cuts with ease using RIDGID's line of reciprocating saws.

  • Angle Grinders

    RIDGID Angle Grinders come standard with powerful motors, slim designs for comfort and safety features like auto-stop and two finger trigger switches.

  • Hand Sanders

    RIDGID Hand Sanders offer powerful motors, ergonomic handling, heavy-duty construction, variable speed control and much more.

  • Routers

    RIDGID Routers provide unmatched performance for any woodworking job.

  • Jig Saws

    Wood, metal, drywall or fiberglass, RIDGID Jig saws are the ideal tool to make custom and accurate cuts.

  • Collated Screwdriver

  • Power Inverters

    RIDGID Power Inverters are portable car-friendly inverters allowing you to power standard electronics right from your car.