The RIDGID® Model 118 Close Quarters AUTOFEED™ Cutter can now be enhanced with a ratchet handle that allows for easier cutting in tight, restricted spaces. Of rugged and compact design, the handle can be attached to the cutter and operated in ratchet steps as small as 10 degrees. This allows for fine indexing of the cutter to operate in tight spaces. The new ratchet handle allows more flexibility and mobility while keeping the AUTOFEED features of the model 118 Cutter, which is designed to cut hard and soft copper, aluminum and brass.


  • Featuring the NEW 2-in-1 Close Quarters Cutter where the cutter can be used alone or with the ratchet handle, a light and ergonomic accessory to help use the cutter in tight and restricted spaces.
  • Easy to use in hard-to-reach areas because the knob only needs to be tightened once.
  • Adjustable to any size from 1/4" – 1 1/8" (6-28 mm) OD.
  • Tubing cutter comes with a spare E-3469 Cutter Wheel in knob.
  • New football-shaped knob in the cutter.
  • Ratchet handle also compatible with Model 101 tubing cutter.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description Capacity Weight
in. mm lb. kg
32573 118  2-In-1 Close Quarters Quick-Feed Cutter with Ratchet Handle  1/4 - 1 1/8  6 - 28  1 1/16  0.48 
86127 118  Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter Only  1/4 - 1 1/8  6 - 28  5/8  0.26 
32933 118  Ratchet Handle Only for 101 and 118 Tubing Cutter  5/8  0.26 

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