The Model 418's durable pump assembly and heavy-duty reservoir are designed to increase productivity.


  • Pump assembly provides 50% more oil per stroke than other hand-held oilers for longer die life.
  • An ergonomic 2-finger trigger design that reduces user fatigue.
  • Die cast, heavy-duty body with swivel nozzle with no exposed parts for longer life.
  • Heavy Duty Reservoir - The 418 oiler features a patent pending fastener-less twist and lock drip pan that easily locks in place.
  • The material withstands abrasion, is lighter than metal and does not rust.
  • The reservoir will not crack or leak.
  • Material is so strong that under normal use, no dents will form on impact or shape changes will occur over time. As a result, the drip pan will fit squarely on the reservoir time after time.
  • Integral molded body eliminates leaks at the hose-reservoir connection.
  • Convenient anti-slip grip design with integral hood for easy hanging.


Chip pan diameter 14 1/4 in
Chip pan depth 8 3/4
Hose length 55 in.
Capacity 1 gallon

Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
10883 418  Oiler with One Gallon Premium Thread Cutting Oil  20 1/2  9.4  Buy Now
72342 402  Hand operated oiler with attachment for 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers and 54" hose.  2 1/2  1.2  Buy Now
72332 #4  Hand-operated oiler only  1 1/4  0.5  Buy Now
72327 #4  Hand-operated oiler with 54" hose and fittings  2 1/4  1.0  Buy Now
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