Model R3100


  • Innovative Planetary Gear Set - For smooth cuts and minimal vibration for less user fatigue
  • LED - For increased visibility
  • SoftStart - For a smooth start on every cut
  • Barrel Grip Design - For superior comfort and control
  • Tool-free Blade Changes - Compatible with T and U shank blades
  • Orbital Action with on/off Switch - Offers more aggressive stroke for cutting wood
  • Dual Debris Management System - Directs debris away from cut line or toward collection system
  • Bevel Capable - For making angled cuts from 0–45°
  • Vacuum Port - 1 1/4 inch vacuum port to conveniently fit a standard hose size for a cleaner work area
  • Hex Grip™ - Enhanced micro-texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort


Input 120V AC, 3 Amps
SMP 3,000
Stroke Length 1/2"
Blade Type T and U shank blades
Tool Weight 4.4 lbs.

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Catalog Number Model No. Description
39143 R31011  Fuego Compact Orbital Jig Saw 

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R3101 Jig Saw, Hex Key, Contractor Bag, and Operator’s Manual