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Drum Cable Tools

Drum Cable Tools

RIDGID offers a wide variety of cutters and augers to clean everything from grease to root blockages. With the RIDGID line of cable tools, you will always have the right tool for the job.

  • Drop Head Auger - For cleaning back to back mounted fixtures e.g., sinks where cable needs to be led into down pipe.
  • Straight Auger - For use in exploring and breaking up stoppages or returning sample to surface to determine correct tool.
  • Funnel Auger - For use as second tool in line. Breaks up remains of stoppage left by straight auger.
  • Hook Auger - For heavy and dense root stoppages in pipes that require hooking and breaking up.
  • Retrieving Auger - For searching for cable which is broken or lost in line.
  • Spade Cutter - For following up after augers have been used and to open up floor drains.
  • Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter - For blockages caused by hardened, glazed material such as chemical deposits.
  • Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter - For clearing any stoppage, roots, rags, sticks, etc.
  • Saw Tooth Cutter - For cleaning lines blocked heavily with roots. Unique design permits cutter to be removed from damaged pipe without locking.
  • Grease “C” Cutter - For grease blockage in lines leading from garbage disposal unit or waste pipe.
  • Grease Cutter - For lines which have become badly greased with detergents and have to be opened.
  • Spiral Bar Cutter - For main sewers blocked by roots, leaf debris, sticks, sawdust, cloth, and sacking.
  • Sharktooth Cutter - For use in cleaning pipes of general material clinging to pipe walls.
  • Expanding Finish Cutters - For final removal of material adhering to walls and certain roots of fibrous nature.
  • Chain Knocker - For use when vigorous action is required for cleaning of scale in pipes and boiler tubes.
  • Flue Brush - For use for finish cleaning required of boiler tubes and heat exchangers.
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Ordering Information

Drum Cable Tools
Catalog No. Model No. Description K400 K3800 K6200 K750 K7500 K750R
62990 T-201 Straight Auger-5” (125 mm) Long x x
62995 T-202 Bulb Auger-1 1/8” (28 mm) OD x x
63000 T-203 Bulb Auger-7/8” (22 mm) OD x x
54837 T-204 C-Cutter- 1” (25 mm) x x
63005 T-205 C-Cutter- 1 3/8” (35 mm) x x
63010 T-206 Funnel Auger-3” (75 mm) x x
63015 T-207 Spiral Cutter-1 1/4” (32 mm) x x
63020 T-208 Spiral Cutter-1 1/2” (40 mm) x x
63025 T-209 Spiral Cutter-2” (50 mm) x x
63030 T-210 Spade Cutter-1” (25 mm) x x
63035 T-211 Spade Cutter-1 3/8 (35 mm) x x
63040 T-212 Spade Cutter-1 3/4” (44 mm) x x
63045 T-213 4-Blade Cutter-1” (25 mm) x x
63050 T-214 4-Blade Cutter-1 3/8” (35 mm) x x
63055 T-215 4-Blade Cutter-1 3/4” (44 mm) x x
63060 T-216 Chain Knocker-2” (50 mm) x x
63065 T-217 Drop Head-4” (110 mm) Long x x
52812 T-230 H-D “C” Cutter-2” (50 mm) x x
52817R T-231 H-D “C” Cutter-2 1/2” (65 mm) x x
52822 T-232 H-D “C” Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x
92485 T-403 P Trap Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x x x
92490 T-404 P Trap Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x x x
92495 T-406 Spade Cutter 1 3/4” (45 mm) x x x x
92500 T-407 Funnel Retrieving Auger-2 9/16" (65 mm) x x x x
92505 T-408 Sawtooth Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x x x
51762R T-409 H-D Bulb Auger-1 3/4” (45 mm) x x x x
92510 T-411 Double Cutter-2” (50 mm) x x x x
92515 T-412 Double Cutter-2 1/2” (65 mm) x x x x
92520 T-413 Double Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x x x
92525 T-414 Double Cutter-4” (110 mm) x x x x
92530 T-416 Double Cutter-6” (150 mm) x x x x
92535 T-432 3-Blade Cutter-2” 50 mm) x x x x
92540 T-433 3-Blade Cutter-3” (75 mm) x x x x
92545 T-434 3-Blade Cutter-4” (110 mm) x x x x
92550 T-436 3-Blade Cutter-6” (150 mm) x x x x