Wet/Dry Locking Ridge on white background
Locking Accessories
New 2 1/2 inch locking accessories allow your hose, wands, and attachments to all lock together, so nothing falls off in use.
  • Hose, wands, and attachment lock together
  • Prevents accessories from getting stuck together via friction
  • New Utility Nozzle design cleans up to 77% faster
RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac Pipe on white background
Backwards Compatible

Ensure your hose is a LOCKING hose, and all other locking accessories will fit perfectly.

Locking accessories will fit older RIDGID models and will be replacing most RIDGID 2 1/2 in friction fit accessories. If you have a RIDGID vac in your garage, chances are these new accessories will fit.

Wet/Dry Vac Utility Nozzle on White Background being pulled apart by two people
Locked Securely
Whether your connecting your hose to your vac, or your wands to your accessory, NOTHING WILL FALL OFF WHEN IN USE. Simply press together in to lock everything in.
Wet/Dry Vac Quick Release Utility Nozzle on white background being held by a man
Quick Unlock
When you want to change accessories or disconnect the wand, just lift on the tab to slide off, or twist 45 degrees. It's never been so easy.
RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac Accessories on white background
How to Install
Locate the hose end with the locking symbol. Use this end to connect to your accessories. Insert the opposite end into your vac inlet.
Wet/Dry Vac Utility Nozzle on White Background
New Utility Nozzle
  • Utility Nozzle gets a fresh redesign
  • Rocking Design won't get "suck-stuck"
  • Cleans 77% faster than previous design