Pipe Patch Packers

Pipe Patch Packers

The RIDGID Pipe Patch Packers are made of flexible, durable silicone-coated rubber and can be used in multiple pipe configurations. RIDGID Packers are designed to be used in straight pipe, 90 degree bends, p-traps and transitions meaning you can tackle a number of pipe configurations with a single tool. Depending on your environment, Air Push Rods or Pull Rope can be used to move the Packer to the patch location. All Packers have an integrated fiberglass push rod giving you better ridgity while navigating the pipe without sacrificing flexibility. Packers inflate from the center outwards - thus, pushing excess water away from the patch location. RIDGID offers Packers for 2", 3", 3-4" & 4-6" pipe and at lengths for 32", 3' or 6' repairs. Optional accessories like the Ball and Spring Leader Guide can provide further assistance navigating through pipes.

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  • Versatile - Flexible Packer can navigate and set patches in straight sections, bends, p-traps, and transitions.
  • Multiple Packer Positioning Methods - Packer can be pushed or pulled to patch location using RIDGID Pipe Patch Air Push Rods or Pull Rope.
  • Durable - Silicone-coated rubber design can be used on over 100 patches when properly maintained.
  • Easy Navigation - Integrated fiberglass push rod provides rigidity to help navigate Packer down the line.
  • Inflation - Packers inflate from the center outwards - thus, pushing excess water away from the patch location.
  • Synchronized Rotation - Connection method allows Packer to be rotated by Air Push Rods making it easier to push through tight bends and transitions.
  • Repairable - Packers can be fully repaired or rebuilt.
  • Included Components - Packers include "D" Rings for Pull Rope attachment and Ball Guides for easier pipe navigation.
  • Adaptable - Ball & Spring Leaders Guides, purchased seperately, assist with pipe navigation.
  • Extensive Offering - Packers come in 43", 4', and 7' lengths for 32", 3', and 6' repairs, respectively.


Pipe Capacity 2”-6”
Packer Lengths Available 43, 4’ & 7’
Maximum Patch Lengths 32”, 3’ & 6’

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Weight (lb.)
74743 Pipe Patch Packer - 2" Pipe x 43" Length  2.43  Buy Now
74748 Pipe Patch Packer - 3" Pipe x 43" Length  3.04  Buy Now
74753 Pipe Patch Packer - 3-4" Pipe x 4' Length  5.78  Buy Now
74758 Pipe Patch Packer - 3-4" Pipe x 7' Length  8.43  Buy Now
74763 Pipe Patch Packer - 4-6" Pipe x 4' Length  7.46  Buy Now
74768 Pipe Patch Packer - 4-6" Pipe x 7' Length  11.06  Buy Now