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Every entry is a winner! Your feedback matters to us – and to other tradespeople. As a thank you for your review, we’ll send you a complimentary RIDGID® & Greenlee® sticker. You’ll also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $450 prepaid VISA® Gift Card. 

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  • Thermal Imagers

    RIDGID® thermal imagers feature the latest technology to help you efficiently predict problems before they happen and prevent costly downtime.

  • Hand-Held Video Inspection

    RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras diagnose and solve problems in tight spaces.

  • Monitors & Recorders

    RIDGID Monitors and Recorders let you see and share the results of your video inspections in real time and with total confidence the results are accurate and detailed.

  • Reels & Cameras

    RIDGID Reels & Cameras locate and identify issues where no one else can. Inspect issues with confidence and share them with your customers.

  • Plumbing Locating

    The NaviTrack Scout® locator is the easiest to learn and use. Ideal for locating sondes.

  • Utility Locating

    Locators and transmitters to detect and map underground utilities and service lines.

  • Test and Measurement

    RIDGID hand-held diagnostic equipment provides simple, quick and accurate readings.

  • RIDGIDConnect™ Online Business Tool

    Share. Store. Simplify. Quickly connect your reference data, images, video, and jobsite notes and provide 24x7 access.