RIDGIDConnect™ Online Business Tool

RIDGIDConnect™ Online Business Tool

RIDGIDConnect is an online website designed for contractors and service providers that will allow you to create and share media rich reports with your customers that include videos, documents, and pictures often collected from your jobsites.

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Customer Organization & Job Management

  • Built-in contact management allows you to easily find reports for previous customers or addresses
  • Keep private, company-only notes about jobs and customers to help recall service information
  • Schedule and assign jobs to dispatch work within your company

Convenient Access

  • Use the desktop application to compress long videos for faster uploads
  • Upload directly from the SeeSnake HQ™ desktop software into your RIDGID Connect account. Your report data is transferred without needing rework
  • Share from your HQx Live app into the RIDGID Connect mobile app when both are installed on your device

Create & Share Reports

  • Create and share media-rich job reports with customers and coworkers which include videos, documents, and pictures
  • Associate any type of digital file or media
  • Add bookmarks or extract key images from videos to highlight important points in your inspections
  • Use tags to quickly organize and look up your data
  • Share reports via an email sent by the site, a link you copy/paste into any application, or have the site send a text message with a link to the report.

Privacy & Controlled Access to information and reports

  • Control the reports you share with an expiration date on access, by limiting the total number of views, or by determining if you want to easily allow someone to download a copy of the files

Data Storage & Organization

  • Your information is always accessible online and organized so you don’t need to worry about storage and backups
  • You choose how long to keep files in the system. Utilize the site as an online archive or keep reports only a short period of time