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RIDGIDConnect™ Online Business Tool

RIDGIDConnect™ Online Business Tool

Access To Your Business Information 24/7

RIDGIDConnect is the online solution that streamlines your reporting process, integrates digital media and files into a hosted archive environment, and makes professional reports that you can share with anyone.

With RIDGIDConnect you can have secure access to your data from any web browser. You can also work with your information in the field and create new reports via your mobile smartphone. Look up job reports, upload media from the phone or recall insights about a customer. RIDGIDConnect puts your business records at your fingertips.

The RIDGIDConnect site is full of application ideas as well as screen casts and videos to help you quickly get started. Register for a Basic or higher level account to share all types of media or choose an Express account to share image-only reports. Visit www.ridgidconnect.com to get started.

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  • Create job reports for one or many to see.
  • Associate any type of digital file or media with a report to share.
  • Tag your media for reference and quick look up.
  • Edit video, extract frames as images and add image mark-ups to tell the story.
  • Add bookmarks to videos to direct viewers to areas of interest.
  • Control access to your information by expiration date or total number of views.
  • Manage your customer list and associate geotags with provided addresses.
  • Import address lists from any standard program.
  • Choose QuickSend to upload and share the report all in one step.
  • Desktop application to compress media prior to upload.
  • Post level videos to compensate for camera heads that are not self-leveling.
  • Keep company-only notes about jobs and customers to help recall service information.
  • Schedule jobs, set reminders and dispatch work within your company.
  • Enable your customers to upload media to a report so you can understand the issue before arriving on site.
  • Seamlessly integrate job reports from SeeSnake® HQ to your RIDGIDConnect account.
  • Have daily backups and 24/7 access via web browser to all your information.