The RIDGID 3-layer pleated paper filter features a double-pleated design that captures fine particles such as dust, drywall sanding and fireplace ash. With its patented Qwik Lock™ feature, it simply snaps on or off the vacuum for easy cleaning. The filter fits all RIDGID wet/dry vacuums 5 gallons and larger.


  • Captures 99% of all particles 1 micron in size and larger
  • Ideal for capturing drywall dust
  • Qwik Lock™ Fastening system
  • Fits all RIDGID brand vacs 5 gallons and larger
  • Washable and reusable
  • Includes 1 filter per package


Best for Sawdust
Typical Basement, Garage, or Car Dirt
Drywall Dust
Cement Dust
Cold Ashes (Fireplace, BBQ Grill)
Fine Powders (Flour, Talcum Power, Baby Powder, Chalk)
Fits vac sizes 5-20 gallons

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description
72952 VF5000  Fine Dust Filter - Blue 

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