• Rapid pass-thru cord access - Allow easy power cord access for battery charging
  • Flexi-shelf - 8” adjustable bin storage
  • Permanently retained lock with recessed shackle - Saves time, prevents lost locks and access by saws, pry bars and cutters (Lock not included)
  • Fully arc welded construction - Tighter tolerances en sures durability
  • Overlapping cover design - Superior weather resistance and security
  • Durable baked enamel finish - Provides heavy-duty, long lasting protection
  • Corner located lock housing - Prevents corner pry-ins; maximizes internal storage and access
  • Solid lock tang - For superior security and pry resistance
  • Ergonomic, recessed handles - 90-degree stop provides maximum leverage
  • Full-length cover handle - Slip resistant, easy to grip along entire cover length
  • Locking cover support - Secures cover in open position, prevents accidental closure
  • Solid 1-piece 12 ga. skids - With wide base for greater strength and stability


Construction Arc Welded, 16 Ga. Steel
Dimensions (48" x 24" x 28")
Usable storage 16 Cu. Ft.
Shipping weight 149 lbs.