• Press Tools

    RIDGID Press Tools make it easy to join and repair pipe and tubing. With over 1000 settings for copper, stainless and black iron pipe you’ll be ready for whatever the job throws at you.

  • Press Jaws

    Standard and Compact Press Jaws provide a safer and faster way to join and repair pipe compared to welding.

  • Press Rings

    Join or repair plumbing in tighter spaces with 90-degree access to pipe and tubing.

  • Jaws & Rings for MegaPress®

    Quickly join 1⁄2" to 2" commercially-available black iron pipe with your Standard Press Tool.

  • Press Snap™ Soil Pipe Cutter

    Cut cast iron soil pipe faster and easier with this Standard Press Tool attachment.

  • STRUTSLAYR™ Strut Shear Head

    The RIDGID® StrutSlayr™ delivers fab shop quality, burr-free strut cuts on the jobsite in 5 seconds or less.

  • Batteries and Chargers

    RIDGID professional advanced lithium batteries and chargers are built for high performance, long life and unmatched dependability.

#1 in Pressing for a Reason
Pressing Tool handled by a man
#1 in Pressing for a Reason

We introduced North America plumbers to pressing nearly 20 years ago and take our leadership seriously, continuing to innovate and perfect these workhorse tools. 

Every press tool we offer features Swiss precision and engineering, assuring you have a solid product that’s intelligently balanced to perform on the jobsite.
No Sparks, No Mess
Man using a RIDGID Press tool
No Sparks, No Mess

Flameless press technology eliminates sweating, brazing and grooving. No need for burn permits or fire watches.

Leaves no joining material buildup, exposed threads or tarnish, creating a clean, professional appearance.
Unprecedented Versatility
RIDGID Pressing tool being used to fix Pipes
Unprecedented Versatility

RIDGID pressing tools allow you to fix pipes with water in the line for faster and more efficient connections. Plus our rings and jaws swivel, giving you the freedom to access hard to reach places.

Whether industrial, commercial or residential for both new and retrofit installations, RIDGID has more approved applications than any other press fitting system.
Fast and Reliable
Press tool being used in pipe
Fast and Reliable

Makes secure wet or dry press connections in less than seven seconds on existing or brand new systems.

Installers no longer need heavy welding tanks or cumbersome threading machines to make a secure pipe connection.

Trust every connection you make knowing we spend thousands of hours every year testing our tools in real-world situations; the result is total compatibility on every job in nearly every condition and application.