RIDGID® Continues To Bring Innovations to WWETT, Feb.18-20

February 14, 2020

Attendees at this year’s WWETT Show will experience another round of RIDGID® innovations – just one year after the brand made waves with its game-changing new RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine and RIDGID SeeSnake® with TruSense Camera Reel. Set to debut Feb 18-20 in the RIDGID Booth (#1341), the new products include:

  • Expansions to the RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine family
    • FlexShaft K9-306
    • FlexShaft Penetrating Head Carbide Chain Knockers
  • Additions to the RIDGID SeeSnake with TruSense Camera Reel lineup
    • C40
    • M40
  • New inspection viewing innovations
  • CS6x Versa
  • CSx Via

 Expansion of FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines

“The response to our initial launch of RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines at WWETT 2019 was phenomenal, and we’ve expanded our FlexShaft machine line to address a need we heard often from our customers: The need for a machine that reached 125 feet,” said Wyatt Kilmartin, vice president and general manager, Global Underground Technologies, RIDGID. “The K9-306 clears up to 125 feet, making it ideal for large-scale commercial and residential jobs.”

The K9-306, utilizing a professional grade 1.5 HP internal motor, is purpose-built for a wall-to-wall clean up to 125 feet in 3 to 6-inch drain lines with astonishing speed. It easily clears lines of grease buildup, roots and heavy scale. FlexShaft machines also allow for simultaneous pipe inspection for maximum efficiency, pairing with RIDGID SeeSnake systems. It features a fully enclosed system and transportable design that minimizes cleanup and setup time. Two earlier models, the K9-102 and K9-204, both can clear 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch lines up to 70 feet.

Get the most out of RIDGID FlexShaft machines with a variety of field-tested accessories. From standard and carbide tip chain knockers designed for clearing different blockages to specialized FlexShaft lubricant to RIDGID custom wallpipes, the FlexShaft machines can be customized to a pro’s exact preferences. In designing the K9-306, RIDGID continued to innovate and expand the chain knocker lineup, adding a new option featuring a carbide tipped penetrating head that can be used on all FlexShaft models and will help the pro more efficiently engage and clear tough full line blockages.

SeeSnake with TruSense Camera Reel Addition

Delivering big performance in a small package, the SeeSnake Compact C40 and M40, each powered by TruSense technology, features 25 mm self-leveling camera head and 131 feet of push cable, and are compatible with RIDGID CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors. Their quick-release docking system makes them ideal for the new CS6x Versa digital reporting monitor and their sturdy metal frame provides a solid base that makes it easy to push and retrieve the cable for fast, efficient use. The C40’s flexible push cable is ideal for small/restricted branch lines with tight turns and shorter runs in main laterals, while the M40’s moderately stiff push cable better suits longer runs in main and branch lines. The introduction of the C40 and M40 reels follows last year’s introduction of the new Standard and Mini Camera Reels powered by the revolutionary TruSense technology.

New Inspection Viewing Innovations

The new SeeSnake CSx Via is a flexible, bring-your-own-screen solution, providing a convenient means to stream, capture and share superior inspection images using an iOS®, Android or Windows device. It utilizes the free HQx® Live app to remotely control camera functions and features, such as the distance counter and the sonde. Share footage with customers immediately for fast, efficient workflow.

Eliminate the hassle of trying to find a suitable location to place your monitor while doing a plumbing inspection with the CS6x Versa digital reporting monitor with Wi-Fi, the ergonomic, all-in-one solution for capturing media and delivering inspection results to your customers. It easily docks onto compact series reels and features multiple mounting positions and an adjustable kickstand to suit jobsite conditions. A 5.7-inch daylight viewable display provides a crisp, clear in-pipe image.

Try Them All at the RIDGID Booth

“The RIDGID portfolio of drain cleaning and inspection tools, each designed to complement each other, provides the strongest breadth and depth of products to meet the toughest jobsite challenges and take professionals from start to finish on the jobsite,” Kilmartin said. “We’re excited to share these products firsthand at WWETT.” 

Members of the industry leading RIDGID sales team, who are used to rolling up their sleeves and demoing products with professionals on a daily basis, will be in the RIDGID booth throughout WWETT to answer product questions.

In addition to experiencing the latest in RIDGID underground technology innovation, visitors to the RIDGID booth will be able to enter the fourth annual RIDGID Experience contest. Six winners will be selected to receive an all-expenses-paid trip including: a VIP RIDGID facilities tour, a custom wrench, a fishing excursion and much more. RIDGID will also be reserving an additional two spots this year exclusively for students and apprentices studying the skilled trades. RIDGID booth visitors also will have a chance to win a K9-102 FlexShaft machine.

To purchase or learn more about RIDGID underground technology equipment or the RIDGID Experience contest, stop by the RIDGID booth (#1341) during WWETT, contact your local distributor for an in-person demo, visit RIDGID.com, or call toll-free: 1-800-4RIDGID.